Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Swimming is one of the sport that i do. Well, it's a relaxing sport. To be surrounded by water, to listen only to silence, it somehow felt very relaxing.

It's been a long time since i went for a swim, and yet the swimming pool in the club was closed due to renovation or something? Apparently they are trying out a way to clean the pool water without using chlorine. Let's see how it goes.

But thank God, there's another smaller pool, which can be used. But i don't know why must it be so freaking cold. It's so icy cold! Yet i went down to swim for a while, thanks to a boy and a man. It was fun though, apart of the coldness, to just chillax with a boy and a man whom i love.

The boy and the man whom i love

the main pool, the water is as green as the grass! o.O

nah! you don't want to swim in that!

As most of my post, it ends with a photo of the couple! =)

Matt & Evon

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