Sunday, January 16, 2011

Potatoes & Babies Lover!

Strictly for those who LOVE (not like!) potatoes!

Matt & I, on our usual paktor(dating) session, decided to eat at this newly discovered place called 'Ireland's Potato'.. And it turned out to be such a good meal!! One of the main reason, or perhaps the only reason was that we both LOVE potatoes!

We found this saying on the wall, and totally agree with it! It goes like this:

Ireland's proverb says: there are two things in the world that can't be joked:
1. Marriage

2. Potato

Ireland's Potato

Fries with yummy cheese topping

the so-so potato balls, hash brown in ball shapes

roasted potato with sour cream sauce

Strictly for those who LOVE (not like!) babies!

If you have been a faithful reader of this blog(thank you!), you would know that my mum's babysitting a baby called Emma..

Emma in her towel

As the saying goes, 'All good things come in pairs'.. Hence, here comes another baby that my mum is babysitting, Emma, short for Emmanuelle.. A daughter of my church member..
Emma, staring into the camera

It's quite funny how God works.. I've always wanted to have sister/sisters.. But along the way, came Ah Yuan & Kai Wen, brothers.. =.=" But i still thank God for them, grateful to have them in my life, well, in one way or another.. Xp..

Back to how God works.. Well, He 'gave' me Emma, and she has been with my family and I for about 15 months, and it's good to have her in our family, she's been a joy to us. Just recently, God 'gave' me another baby sister, Emma (Emmanuelle)! So now, i could say, i have two baby sisters, though they're not blood-related to me, but i already take them as my little sisters.

And let me tell you, it's very funny to see both Emmas, together in action! Oh fyi, the first Emma is older, she's exactly 1 year and 4 months today! And the second Emma is younger, she's close to 10 months old.

Both looking at my mum

Just chilling around

Sleeping peacefully, one with a bunny and the other with pillow

sharing IS caring

Daddy & both Emmas

Love Potatoes!

Love Babies!



sweet_cherry said...

whr's the ireland potatr locate?
i wana go oso..i love potato too !!

wen said...

Oh! in between Midvalley & Gardens, the lower ground pathway there.. =)

Casley said...

2 emma? both of them are sisters?

wen said...

Neh.. Both from different family.. But both are Emma! Xp..