Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party time!

Siqin, Yue Min, Ruth, June, Evon & Siaw Lin are the party girls!

19th Jan 2011
-Dinner at Danau Kota.

-Shopping for Okonomiyaki ingredients in JJ AU2 Setiawangsa.

-Lepak & Chat at Ruth's place.

-Sleep at Ruth's place.

20th Jan 2011
-Wake up

-Make Okonomiyaki

-Eat & Chat

-Balik rumah

Photos taken are as below...

June grabbing snacks!

Non-sick girls eating Baskin Robbins ice-cream on pink day!

Dealing and SS-ing

Cheezel stick!! Xp.. New way of eating Cheezel!

Using chopstick!! Keeps your fingers clean!

bangun pagi~ gosok gigi~

our main chef, cooking Okonomiyaki

The decorated and non-decorated version

It's been quite some time since we last met for girls meeting, well, we called it BB, short for 'Building Bridges'. It's sort of like a support group for us girls in university students and young adults i suppose. We usually cook or bake together, and just chat all day & night long. And pray! Well, sometimes we just kept chatting and forgot to allocate time to pray. Xp.. But i do believe that we pray for each other all the time!! =)

Thank God for sisters like such, to just be there for each other, encourage each other in our studies, relationships, life. Truly thank God for each one of them!



yAnKuchIki said...

Owh! the goes the b-day list =.=''

Chocolate(s) I think, since u always snacking while study(ing) hihihi~

wen said...

YAY! Xp..