Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extraordinary Dinner

It was the people, that make this dinner extraordinary!! =)

Matt & Evon

I bet some of you are thinking "Both of them again?" or "Nothing new.." or "Boring!!"

Neh.. Not just the both of us. But with another pair of couple. Matt said it's like some sort of double date, hehehehe... But it was more than a double date, it was a gathering, well, at least to me, cause Matt was just an accompanist for that night! LOL! It was very nice of him to accompanied me to the dinner. Love my boyfriend! Xp..

So who was it that i was meeting up with? Hwan & Ching!! Hwan was my fellow prefect back in secondary school years, also my classmate back in Form4 & 5. Ching was my secondary schoolmate, didn't get to be in the same prefectorial board with her nor in the same class, but yea, we're acquaintance.

Meeting up with the love birds are really nice. We chat about old time, chat about present time, also the future!! Well, just in case we might not see each other in the near future, might as well chat all the way to future! Xp.. Of course, Matt was a bit out of place. But thanks to Hwan & Ching, who made the effort to make Matt felt comfortable, he enjoyed the fellowship as well!

Looking at both of them, i can feel and see that they are really in love. Both knew each other since primary years, went to the same secondary school, and only got together when they're pursuing their tertiary education. I wonder if they realise, that they only don't know each other for 6 years in their entire life! I believe this would not be a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship, but best friends as well!

It's encouraging to hear from Ching that she look up on the steady relationship that Matt & I have. That she take us as one of the couple-role-model thingy. *shy* Xp.. But what she said really lifts me up, and i could only thank God for that. Cause obviously, without God, i don't think Matt & I could go any further in our relationship. Thank God! =)

Long story short, really appreciate and cherish the dinner and fellowship with the love birds. Pray that they'll cherish each other as best friends in life! =) And that prayer applies to all the couples i know too! =)

Ching, Hwan, Evon & Matt

p/s: Photos taken by Ching. Thanks Ah Ching!


Casley said...

had a great time with u n matt.. thx very much!! its true about the couple-role-model!!! hehe~ gonna blog about this soon(will take some time though)!!! xD

wen said...

Hahaha.. waiting patiently then! =)