Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday wish list!!

[EDITED on 30th Jan 2011: are in this colour]

Do you know that this year's 1st day of Chinese New Year, is also

Evon's birthday!!!

Here comes MY WISH LIST!!
(Tip: take note on the bold ones)

-tees, dress, skirts, formal shirt, formal slacks, cardigans, polo t-shirts

Already have:
-Tony Parson: My Favourite Wife
-Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture
-Cecelia Ahern: P/S I Love You, Where Rainbows End, A Place Called Here, If You Could See Me Now.
-Jodi Picoult: Change of Heart, The Pact, Handle With Care
-Mitch Albom: For One More Day

Would like to have:
-Jodi Picoult: any of her book that you think will be interesting for me, except Keeping Faith & My sister's keeper (cause i read it before)
-Mitch Albom: Tuesdays with Morrie!!
-Nicholas Spark: any of his book, (don't have any of his book yet!) except The Last Song (cause i read it before), preferably not The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to Remember (cause i watched the movies)
-Or any books that you think it's worth my reading! =)

If you're planning to buy me book or books, please don't buy those listed below, cause someone's getting me those:
-Jodi Picoult's Mercy

-Mitch Albom's Tuesday with Morrie

-Nicholas Spark's, either The Lucky One or The Choice (am not sure which is the one that's she's getting for me)

There's a warehouse sale in One Utama's Popular, books there are very cheap. (See i help you save more!!) Can go there and buy book or books for me! Xp..

Then there's another promotion thingy in Wangsa Walk's Popular, "Now buy 2 @ Rebate 25%". So basically is buy 2 books, each got 25% discount. So can get me:
-Nicholas Spark's A Walk to Remember
-Nicholas Spark's The Notebook

I have some photos that i want to develop them out, it's RM0.55/piece, and i probably have 60-80 pieces of them. Anyone wanna pay that for me as a gift to me? Xp.. (Someone's paying for this dah! Xp..)

I would like a self-adhesive photo album, two 4R size photos/page, and bout 20 pages of them. Obviously it's for me to keep my photos. Xp..


Everyone who knows me knows that i LOVE food! You can treat me a meal!! a FULL meal yea.. Well desserts are fine for me too! I LOVE ice-cream & chocolate!! Xp.. Let me warn you, i'm quite a big eater!! Xp.. I tried eating Korean food then Western food for dinner on the same day. See below for proof!

If you have chosen one of the gift from the list above, kindly notify me, so that your gift for me doesnt clashes with others. Xp.. Thank you!!


If you don't want or can't get Clothes, Books, Photos and Food as gift for me, well, i don't mind getting items such as:
-birthday card
-call or sms
-facebook message
-snail mail

Counting down to the day that God brought me into this world! =)


Casley said...

arh u have mitch albom's too!! i wanna buy tuesdays with morie, they said its very worth reading.. his new book, have a lil faith oso shud be very nice!! =P

wen said...

Ya, I think "Tuesday with Morrie" is worth-reading and wroth-buying.. i've read "Have a little faith".. a bit draggy though.. But good.. =)

huey lin said...

Hoi, Jakun leader! :)

Lol. I heard my lecturer mentioned about straightforward Wedding Wishlist posted on couple's website. That's very cool and practical. Like yours! :P

wen said...

Oh.. Thanks for reminding.. I should do that next time!! Xp..

katy barber! said...

as for jodi picoult i would definitely recoomend plain truth and picture perfect. both are two of my favorite books... ever.

wen said...

Oh.. Thanks for the info! =)

Anne Lee said...

Update us what have get in your birthday~
*so sorry tht i've miss up your birthday*
anyways, hope you have a enjoyable moments on that day :)