Friday, January 14, 2011


It's never too late to post a new year post! Xp.. (Gosh i'm soooooo lazy.. >.<)

Looking back at 2010, i know that God was with me, and He indeed has been a good, faithful and ever-loving God.. Couldn't possibly thank Him enough! I love and thank God for all of these:


encouraging sisters in uni life

sweet and faithful sisters in church

crazy bunch of friends who cares to do crazy things with me

a climb that i never thought i'd make it

a trip that is memorable with boyfriend's family

family members who always support you in all ways

love that keeps growing

I just pray, that in this 2011, He will continue to be my guide. Continue to lead me into His will in whatever i do. That i could fit into His plan, His will.


meliawong said...

i'm honored that i'm a part of your life.. thanks sis :)

wen said...

*hugs* thank YOU! =)

Casley said...

argh, i wanna climb kk too!!! looks cool man!! love the last pic btw.. nice!! where's the place? ^^