Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday wish list!!

[EDITED on 30th Jan 2011: are in this colour]

Do you know that this year's 1st day of Chinese New Year, is also

Evon's birthday!!!

Here comes MY WISH LIST!!
(Tip: take note on the bold ones)

-tees, dress, skirts, formal shirt, formal slacks, cardigans, polo t-shirts

Already have:
-Tony Parson: My Favourite Wife
-Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture
-Cecelia Ahern: P/S I Love You, Where Rainbows End, A Place Called Here, If You Could See Me Now.
-Jodi Picoult: Change of Heart, The Pact, Handle With Care
-Mitch Albom: For One More Day

Would like to have:
-Jodi Picoult: any of her book that you think will be interesting for me, except Keeping Faith & My sister's keeper (cause i read it before)
-Mitch Albom: Tuesdays with Morrie!!
-Nicholas Spark: any of his book, (don't have any of his book yet!) except The Last Song (cause i read it before), preferably not The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to Remember (cause i watched the movies)
-Or any books that you think it's worth my reading! =)

If you're planning to buy me book or books, please don't buy those listed below, cause someone's getting me those:
-Jodi Picoult's Mercy

-Mitch Albom's Tuesday with Morrie

-Nicholas Spark's, either The Lucky One or The Choice (am not sure which is the one that's she's getting for me)

There's a warehouse sale in One Utama's Popular, books there are very cheap. (See i help you save more!!) Can go there and buy book or books for me! Xp..

Then there's another promotion thingy in Wangsa Walk's Popular, "Now buy 2 @ Rebate 25%". So basically is buy 2 books, each got 25% discount. So can get me:
-Nicholas Spark's A Walk to Remember
-Nicholas Spark's The Notebook

I have some photos that i want to develop them out, it's RM0.55/piece, and i probably have 60-80 pieces of them. Anyone wanna pay that for me as a gift to me? Xp.. (Someone's paying for this dah! Xp..)

I would like a self-adhesive photo album, two 4R size photos/page, and bout 20 pages of them. Obviously it's for me to keep my photos. Xp..


Everyone who knows me knows that i LOVE food! You can treat me a meal!! a FULL meal yea.. Well desserts are fine for me too! I LOVE ice-cream & chocolate!! Xp.. Let me warn you, i'm quite a big eater!! Xp.. I tried eating Korean food then Western food for dinner on the same day. See below for proof!

If you have chosen one of the gift from the list above, kindly notify me, so that your gift for me doesnt clashes with others. Xp.. Thank you!!


If you don't want or can't get Clothes, Books, Photos and Food as gift for me, well, i don't mind getting items such as:
-birthday card
-call or sms
-facebook message
-snail mail

Counting down to the day that God brought me into this world! =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party time!

Siqin, Yue Min, Ruth, June, Evon & Siaw Lin are the party girls!

19th Jan 2011
-Dinner at Danau Kota.

-Shopping for Okonomiyaki ingredients in JJ AU2 Setiawangsa.

-Lepak & Chat at Ruth's place.

-Sleep at Ruth's place.

20th Jan 2011
-Wake up

-Make Okonomiyaki

-Eat & Chat

-Balik rumah

Photos taken are as below...

June grabbing snacks!

Non-sick girls eating Baskin Robbins ice-cream on pink day!

Dealing and SS-ing

Cheezel stick!! Xp.. New way of eating Cheezel!

Using chopstick!! Keeps your fingers clean!

bangun pagi~ gosok gigi~

our main chef, cooking Okonomiyaki

The decorated and non-decorated version

It's been quite some time since we last met for girls meeting, well, we called it BB, short for 'Building Bridges'. It's sort of like a support group for us girls in university students and young adults i suppose. We usually cook or bake together, and just chat all day & night long. And pray! Well, sometimes we just kept chatting and forgot to allocate time to pray. Xp.. But i do believe that we pray for each other all the time!! =)

Thank God for sisters like such, to just be there for each other, encourage each other in our studies, relationships, life. Truly thank God for each one of them!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extraordinary Dinner

It was the people, that make this dinner extraordinary!! =)

Matt & Evon

I bet some of you are thinking "Both of them again?" or "Nothing new.." or "Boring!!"

Neh.. Not just the both of us. But with another pair of couple. Matt said it's like some sort of double date, hehehehe... But it was more than a double date, it was a gathering, well, at least to me, cause Matt was just an accompanist for that night! LOL! It was very nice of him to accompanied me to the dinner. Love my boyfriend! Xp..

So who was it that i was meeting up with? Hwan & Ching!! Hwan was my fellow prefect back in secondary school years, also my classmate back in Form4 & 5. Ching was my secondary schoolmate, didn't get to be in the same prefectorial board with her nor in the same class, but yea, we're acquaintance.

Meeting up with the love birds are really nice. We chat about old time, chat about present time, also the future!! Well, just in case we might not see each other in the near future, might as well chat all the way to future! Xp.. Of course, Matt was a bit out of place. But thanks to Hwan & Ching, who made the effort to make Matt felt comfortable, he enjoyed the fellowship as well!

Looking at both of them, i can feel and see that they are really in love. Both knew each other since primary years, went to the same secondary school, and only got together when they're pursuing their tertiary education. I wonder if they realise, that they only don't know each other for 6 years in their entire life! I believe this would not be a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship, but best friends as well!

It's encouraging to hear from Ching that she look up on the steady relationship that Matt & I have. That she take us as one of the couple-role-model thingy. *shy* Xp.. But what she said really lifts me up, and i could only thank God for that. Cause obviously, without God, i don't think Matt & I could go any further in our relationship. Thank God! =)

Long story short, really appreciate and cherish the dinner and fellowship with the love birds. Pray that they'll cherish each other as best friends in life! =) And that prayer applies to all the couples i know too! =)

Ching, Hwan, Evon & Matt

p/s: Photos taken by Ching. Thanks Ah Ching!


Swimming is one of the sport that i do. Well, it's a relaxing sport. To be surrounded by water, to listen only to silence, it somehow felt very relaxing.

It's been a long time since i went for a swim, and yet the swimming pool in the club was closed due to renovation or something? Apparently they are trying out a way to clean the pool water without using chlorine. Let's see how it goes.

But thank God, there's another smaller pool, which can be used. But i don't know why must it be so freaking cold. It's so icy cold! Yet i went down to swim for a while, thanks to a boy and a man. It was fun though, apart of the coldness, to just chillax with a boy and a man whom i love.

The boy and the man whom i love

the main pool, the water is as green as the grass! o.O

nah! you don't want to swim in that!

As most of my post, it ends with a photo of the couple! =)

Matt & Evon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Potatoes & Babies Lover!

Strictly for those who LOVE (not like!) potatoes!

Matt & I, on our usual paktor(dating) session, decided to eat at this newly discovered place called 'Ireland's Potato'.. And it turned out to be such a good meal!! One of the main reason, or perhaps the only reason was that we both LOVE potatoes!

We found this saying on the wall, and totally agree with it! It goes like this:

Ireland's proverb says: there are two things in the world that can't be joked:
1. Marriage

2. Potato

Ireland's Potato

Fries with yummy cheese topping

the so-so potato balls, hash brown in ball shapes

roasted potato with sour cream sauce

Strictly for those who LOVE (not like!) babies!

If you have been a faithful reader of this blog(thank you!), you would know that my mum's babysitting a baby called Emma..

Emma in her towel

As the saying goes, 'All good things come in pairs'.. Hence, here comes another baby that my mum is babysitting, Emma, short for Emmanuelle.. A daughter of my church member..
Emma, staring into the camera

It's quite funny how God works.. I've always wanted to have sister/sisters.. But along the way, came Ah Yuan & Kai Wen, brothers.. =.=" But i still thank God for them, grateful to have them in my life, well, in one way or another.. Xp..

Back to how God works.. Well, He 'gave' me Emma, and she has been with my family and I for about 15 months, and it's good to have her in our family, she's been a joy to us. Just recently, God 'gave' me another baby sister, Emma (Emmanuelle)! So now, i could say, i have two baby sisters, though they're not blood-related to me, but i already take them as my little sisters.

And let me tell you, it's very funny to see both Emmas, together in action! Oh fyi, the first Emma is older, she's exactly 1 year and 4 months today! And the second Emma is younger, she's close to 10 months old.

Both looking at my mum

Just chilling around

Sleeping peacefully, one with a bunny and the other with pillow

sharing IS caring

Daddy & both Emmas

Love Potatoes!

Love Babies!


Friday, January 14, 2011


It's never too late to post a new year post! Xp.. (Gosh i'm soooooo lazy.. >.<)

Looking back at 2010, i know that God was with me, and He indeed has been a good, faithful and ever-loving God.. Couldn't possibly thank Him enough! I love and thank God for all of these:


encouraging sisters in uni life

sweet and faithful sisters in church

crazy bunch of friends who cares to do crazy things with me

a climb that i never thought i'd make it

a trip that is memorable with boyfriend's family

family members who always support you in all ways

love that keeps growing

I just pray, that in this 2011, He will continue to be my guide. Continue to lead me into His will in whatever i do. That i could fit into His plan, His will.