Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joyyie (4)

God is good, all the time! And.. All the time, God is good!

If you're a good follower of my blog, you'll know what to expect when you see the above title for this post. If you're not a good follower, well, read on and find out! =)

5 semesters of studies came and went, up and downs I've experienced, but what's most important is that God, the good God, was with me all these 5 semesters. He have indeed shown me great things that I've never expect to see and experience.

Subjects that i took in this 5th semester:
1. Malaysian in Narration
One and only literature subject that i have in this course. (Thank God!!) We studied on Malaysian literature, so there's no Shakespeare and stuff. But it was rather interesting, learning on the local short stories and poem. It was indeed good stuff, but again, I don't really fancy literature.

2. Language and Intercultural Communication
Now this is an interesting subject. It's not really an English language paper, but general communication and stuff. The three main strand of this subject are Identity, Otherisation and Representation. One thing that I gained from this is that everyone, every individual is different, no two people are the same, hence we have to take each other as they are, not based on our own generalisation or even stereotype.

3. Varieties of English
English is a complicated language i would say. Being spoken in so many different parts of the world, each part has then develop their own variety of English. Malaysian English, Philippines English, British English, American English and the list goes on. As for Malaysian & Singapore English, the usage of the particle '-lah', is no where to be heard, it's only in Malaysia and Singapore!

4. Fundamentals of Language Learning and Teaching
A learning and teaching subject, which basically gives us a view of how learning and teaching could be done. We learn few theories and how to teach language specifically in the four main skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

5. Language and Assessment
One of my elective subject. A very good course for those who wants to be teacher in future. It goes through the process of designing a test paper. It was quite interesting to find out all the processes and theories behind it when we were actually the ones who always answer it only, not design it.

6. Japanese Language
Hajimemashite, watashi wa Evon desu! I love the way how our Japanese lecturer, a Japan lady herself, taught us. It was like you learn this word, and there's always a picture of that thing beside it, which is good for me because that's how i study, visual learning. It was always interesting to learn another language, because you not only learn the language, but the culture of that certain country as well.

God was good to grant me such result as shown below:

Straight As.. 4 flat.. I've never dream of such result in my life. The only time that I've got all As was my UPSR paper, and that wasn't that great after all, it's just a Standard 6 paper. But this time, it's really a big thing!! This semester was really a killer semester for me. Having 4 majors and 2 electives, and don't even get me started on the thesis that I'm working on and on.... It's crazy! But God, by His grace and mercy, have chosen once again, to show me his goodness!!

Like in the Bible, the book of 1st Corinthians, chapter 1 verse 31:
"Let him who boast, boast in the Lord"

Indeed, I boast in the Lord for having such great results! Because, only through Him and Him alone, that all things are possible in my life! =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Semester break!

5 week semester break is coming to an end... Noooooooooo~~~~

1st & 2nd week of semester break
Working hard, i mean real hard! on my thesis.. Thank God that everything went well and i managed to do on the topic that i preferred. The topic, or title is "Language and Identity in Multilingual Malaysian Chinese Undergraduates". My supervisor was indeed a helpful supervisor, providing me information and readings regarding my topic all the time. Thank God for that too!

3rd week of semester break

National Conference (NC) is organised by Fellowship of Evangelical Students. It is a conference held once in 5 years time, to gather students from all colleges and universities in Malaysia, to come as a national student movement. This time, for NC 2010-“Risk It, U-Turn”, we have all together 490 of students, graduates and working committees. Big big number!!

This is what we do in NC, we have several sessions including: Quiet Time, Worship, Bible Expositions, Issues Happening in Malaysia, Workshops… Oh and of course meals, games and free time! =)

Reasons why I joined NC 2010:

-It’s a once in a life time to go as a student!

-Some church members joined too!

-Wanted to get something from Him!

Lessons learnt:

-Truly learn about the people in Malaysia, not just the usual Malay, Chinese, Indian dan Lain-lain. (Do you know, there are about 200 tribes in Malaysia?)

-Through sharings from speakers from different sessions and also among conferencees, I was reminded that through God, who is able to do all things, extraordinary things can happen in ordinary people's life.

-Walk the talk. To learn whatever I’ve been taught, and apply it to my life.

Risk it. U-turn!

Group 22: Jakun!

Room 308! the '88 babies!
Emmanuel EFC!

4th week of semester break
I had the
privilege of joining Matt and his family for a holiday at Thailand. It was a good holiday, except the fact that Matt was sick since the second day of the trip. =.=” But overall it’s still good! =)

We were in a 10 person tour, travelling in a van, with one guide and one driver. The guide was good, on the fact that he provided us lots of information about everything in Thailand, and that he kept the driver accompany even when we’re all shut down. The driver, with limited English command was a funny guy and he drives like a crazy boss!

We spent most of the time touring in Chiang Mai, located at the north of Thailand. Then, there’s a day trip that brought us to Chiang Rai, which is further up north of Thailand, and also another 2 neighboring country, Myanmar and Laos.

Thai Massage

Fun Elephant Rides!

The White Temple

The Long Neck tribes

Laos Whiskey

The Golden Triangle, Mekong River

Royal Flora Expo

McD Samurai Pork Burger (Tak Halal!)

Doi Chang Coffee

Matt & Evon

5th week of semester break
So, Now i'm in the 5th week, it's been busy as well? Busy spending my last week of holiday wisely!! Hehehehe..

Movie Marathon 2: Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader & Rapunzel in the same day! Hehe..

Baskin Robbin ice-cream on Pink Day!

Krispy Kreme!

"Follow The Light" musical at PJ Live Arts

Decorated the Christmas tree for Fidelis Production

College Group Christmas Dinner 2010

Next post, a post dedicated to God.. =)