Wednesday, November 03, 2010

From Raya till Deepavali

Pictures from the Raya till Deepavali.. Pictures will do the talking! =)

Section 1: University Life
Moments that i'll always treasure.. Especially the friendship! =)
Muhibbah giler lar! (Jamuan Raya)

Eating by the meadow! (Jamuan Raya)

Sign language takers! (Jamuan Raya)

Sort of Group photo with coursemate and Ketua Program (Jamuan Raya)

The team for Teaching Program in a primary school

Alice's Birthday Dinner

Yoke Luan's Surprise Birthday

Section 2: Emma the baby!
She's about 1 year and 1 month old.. Her current activities are learning to talk and walk! =)

tarts on her 1st birthday party

Emma turns 1!

Emma the "Weng Chun" fighther!

Emma the climber!

Emma on her potty!

Emma's driving!

Her handprints, did it at Playgroup..

Section 3: Love life
Mainly about food.. Well, we can really eat.. Xp..
Le Vain, that serves breads and pasta

all sorts of bread!

Roti roti!

Matt and his side dishes.. and beef rice thingy(not shown above)..
(1st Dinner on 30th Sept 2010, at Kyung Joo Restaurant

Evon and her Korean Pancake! Slurps~
(1st Dinner on 30th Sept 2010, at Kyung Joo Restaurant)

Matt and his burger!
(2nd Dinner on 30th Sept 2010, at T.G.I.F)

Evon and her sandwich!
(2nd Dinner on 30th Sept 2010, at T.G.I.F)

Section 4: Family
How could i not post this up! Ah Yuan, my brother (the botak guy) got baptized on 5th Aug 2010 in our own church, and that's the first time ever in our own church! May he serves the Lord, Jesus Christ, with his whole life. =)


Coming up next.. Deepavali Eve Malacca Road Trip post! =)


Hunny Maldini said...

finally i got to see your blog.
oouhh love this entry especially the section of 3, well the food ;D

wen said...

Glad you found me! Xp..

[ lllydia ] said...

ohmygosh evon how can u eat 2 dinners!?!?!

wen said...

Xp.. I know.. a bit scary huh? Xp..