Monday, September 20, 2010

To be in Malaysian University

To be in Malaysian University is to have great friends that you never thought you would have in your life.. =)

Go jalan-jalan with room mate, Annie

Syok-sendiri sessions with my roommate and college mates, Melia and Luan

Berbuka puasa with coursemates

kuih raya from my Malay coursemate

henna drawn by my Indian coursemate (before)

henna drawn by my Indian coursemate (after)

birthday surprise thrown by the Christian Fellowship (PERKEB)

Thank God for all of you! *hugs*


chowchow7 said...

u certainly hav an interesting varsity life~btw where is d place wit so many flowers??d 1st pic...=D

wen said...

It was at Putrajaya.. They were having a festival called "Floria 2010" =)

siaw_lin said...

It's truly a blessing to have good friends in uni! They're heaven-sent. =) I remember that u were praying for good friends when u first started uni..God has answered ur prayers! amen!

wen said...

Yup! Amen! =)

carol marol said...

:D hehehe.. WEEEEEEEE.... yup very true.. i totaly agree with u

meliawong said...

agree.. like it.. and im blessed to have u evon in my life.. and never regret to make the initiative move to talk to u :)

wen said...

>Carol: haha.. WEEEEE~

>Melia: I know you're blessed by me.. Xp.. I know..