Thursday, September 02, 2010

Long Weekend

Long weekend from 26th Aug night till 1st Sept morning! Due to Nuzul Al-quran & Hari Merdeka.

26th August: Movie night!
-Love in Disguise(Mandarin): about music
-Step Up 3(English): about dance
two movies in a row!

27th August: Batu caves + Dim Sum
-Batu Caves: Matt & Jeremy's first visit in their life!
-Dim Sum: is yummy~~
Matt, Jeremy, Yuan, Yue Min & I(behind the camera)

Yue Min

obviously tired

yummy brunch

28th August: Swimming & Shopping & Singing (again)
-Morning: Kclub swimming
-Noon: Shopping, hunt shoe for Yue Min
-Night: Worship practice
taken while Yue Min trying out her shoe

29th August: Fidelis Practice
-The Fidelis Singers: A choral group formed for the sole purpose of singing for God`s glory. Founded by Marcus Khoo back in 2004.
-Faithfully practising in every single Sunday at the warm and cozy house of Kenneth & Chelsia.
-Performing this coming Christmas!

Have yourselves a merry little christmas~~

Baritone: a.k.a Teacher Matthew,
conducting the practices while Marcus is not around.

Altos: Yue Min, Monica(in USM) and June(to be confirmed)

Sopranos: Ruth, Chelsia & Eunice(in UPSI)

Baritone: Matthew,
Tenor: Kenneth & Honyau(in church),
Bass: Jason & Marcus(in SMK Telaga)

30th August: "Bang!"
-"Bang!": No violence around, merely card games!


31st August: 31 on Baskin Robbins
-A small fight on issues like 31st August, 16th Sept, Independence Day, National Day turned out to be quite educational.
-had Baskin Robbins: Mint Chocolate + World Class Chocolate



Looking forward to have a splendid holiday with friends, at KK, Sabah! Hmmm... I wonder what can i see when i'm at the peak of Mount KK...


why said...

so what did you see at the peak of Mount K? :)

wen said...

I saw God's crazy work! Xp..