Monday, September 20, 2010

To be in Malaysian University

To be in Malaysian University is to have great friends that you never thought you would have in your life.. =)

Go jalan-jalan with room mate, Annie

Syok-sendiri sessions with my roommate and college mates, Melia and Luan

Berbuka puasa with coursemates

kuih raya from my Malay coursemate

henna drawn by my Indian coursemate (before)

henna drawn by my Indian coursemate (after)

birthday surprise thrown by the Christian Fellowship (PERKEB)

Thank God for all of you! *hugs*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Spent about 6 days at Kota Kinabalu for holiday! A memorable holiday!

(Note: Photos belong to Esther, Marcus, Matt, Monica and I)

Mount Kinabalu: 2 days 1 night!
We climbed on the 6th of Sept in the morning around 9plus, and reached Laban Rata resthouse around 4plus in the evening. We rest there after dinner and got up at 2am the next day! Most of us cant really sleep well because someone was snoring like no one's business.. Xp.. So from Laban Rata, we continue climbing up to the peak and reached there around 6plus in the morning. After we come down from the peak, we rest an hour at Laban Rata and continue our journey down. Managed to reach the foot at 4plus in the evening. Well, let the photo do the talking.. Xp..

Gate Timpohon, Mount Kinabalu is right behind us
1km (on the way up)
2km (on the way up)
3km (on the way up)
4km (on the way down)
Couldnt find the 5km photo, hence insert this photo.. Tribute to Jeremy! (on the way up)
At Laban Rata Resthouse
6km (on the way down)

7km (on the way down)
8km (on the way down)

Part of the route, i think it's called Rock Face
View from the top
Evon(1st time) & Matt(2nd time) made it to the peak!!
Marcus(2nd time) & Monica(1st time) made it to the peak!!

Hot Spring at Poring: for the aching legs!
After hours of climbing Mount Kinabalu, we went to soak our leg!

the gang (minus Esther)

the tubs

soaking our legs!

WaterFront: Love the sea view!
Matt & I went to Waterfront after our breakfast. And i really like the view! Xp.. It's called WaterFront because you're in front of the water. (Marcus, 2010)

Evon & Matt

Food: Yummy~
One of the most important thing in a trip is FOOD! Xp..
burger king, for drinks sahaja
chicken rice and beef noodles
bak kut teh (before)
bak kut teh (after)
beef noodle again
Sugar Bun
Steam Boat
Durian & Mangoesteen (correct spelling? Hmmm..)
Japanese Food
Sweet Sour Fish & rice on plane

People: I am there!
People involved in this trip! (check out the order of introducing people! Xp..)

Baby Aileen

Matthew Chin






Yue Min


Wei Yen

Pink girl!

weird auntie

Dan lain lain events:
We encounter a few events there too!

Datuk Lee? o.O

"Conferencing" The issue of Money!

Masalah Rumahtangga! We tore the pillow case because of the game "S.p.o.o.n."

Views: God's wonderful work
We are of course grateful enough to see God's wonderful work!!

a sea of clouds(got such thing?!), a view from the plane

sunrise! (taken on Mount Kinabalu's peak)

sunset! (in KK)

Highlight of the trip:
Matt & Evon spent their 4 and a half year anniversary together! =)

Evon & Matt