Sunday, August 15, 2010

Swimming, Shopping, Singing on Saturday

Swimming, Shopping & Singing was what i did on the last Saturday! (The coincidence "S"!)

Early in the morning(not so early lar), we went to the club(not clubbing!) near our house to swim. I haven't been swimming for a long time and it was nice to swim(more like play with water) again. And it was fun when Ah Yuan thought his swimming trunk was torn and the rest of us pretend that it did! Lol.. After swimming(playing with water actually), we went McD for lunch! Yummy.. gone all the swimming we did.. Xp.. And the two big boys ordered GCB, apparently it was ok ok sahaja.
only guys could do this =.="

Late noon, Matt & I went to Midvalley(I drove there!!!), wanting to get the 70% Lumberjack's hiking shoe.. Only then to find out that it was too big and they dont have a smaller size! >.< But no! We didnt give up! We went around and hunt from the other brands.. Guess what? We found one Axel's hiking shoe and it's only RM59.90! Oh for your information, i need hiking shoe for Mount KK. *huh??* Yes =.=", I am climbing the Mount KK this coming September with Matt, Mon, Esther, Yue Min, Marcus and his friends. Why did i signed up for this? Hmmm..
the hiking shoes that is going to discover Mount KK!

After getting the shoe, we went back to church for worship practice. Matt was there for drum. My cute friend, Siqin was my partner for backup singers! *Yay!* Half way through practice, we decided to take off our shoes, cause we realised that we were standing in the Holy Land of God! (Siqin said that! =.=") And guess what i found! Cute socks that Siqin wore!
puppy, bones and footprints!

Matt the drummer

We went and buka puasa at Wangsa Walk Mall after worship and had Secret Recipe. Why Wangsa Walk? Cause Matt's slippers spoilt. So he was desperate to get one! So ngam, i needed a new pair of slippers too! And we got ourselves new slippers! Not couple slippers though, we dont do the couple-couple thingy..
new slippers

It was a fun Saturday! A time of fun with family, boyfriend and friends!

That is why i always *heart* Weekends! =)


Sharon Ng said...

Wow, so good that you are going to KK in september!!! =)

wen said...

>>Sharon: Hehe.. Hopefully i can make it to the top and come back down safely.. Xp..