Thursday, August 12, 2010

June's convocation

Attended June Ng's Convocation last Monday and had dinner with her the next day.. =)

It was on a Monday evening, hence a lot of young working adults couldnt make it to her convocation. Still, there are some who are semangat! Matthew who came after work, Jeremy who took half day leave and Yue Min who took 1 day leave just for June!

A photo with the first class graduate!

Since most of the people cant make it on the convo day, we decided to have a dinner celebration with her the next day. A total of 7, including herself turned up! But June actually forgot about the dinner thing until Matt called her at 5pm and ask if she had already decided where to eat.. =.=" Anyway, we had Italiannies for dinner! =)


Siqin, Matt & Evon

June & Yue Min

Honyau, waiter & Jeremy

Elder Wong & Drinks

Olive oil & Vinegar


Some soup (cant remember the name!)

Chicken, wedges & the greens

Fish & Zuchinnis


Chicken? (Nicest dish!)



Evon & June

Swensen's Earthquake!

cheers to June's convo!

the gentlemen

the ladies

Thank God for this moment! It was truly a moment of joy and laughter! =)

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mon said...

awwww sorry june couldn't come for your convo....but from the pictures i'm so sure u guys had loads of fun...i miss the good stuff u all ate..haha..congrats june