Sunday, August 08, 2010


The dinner with him on friday was great.. =) talked about the status he put on facebook and the topic just cant seem to end! Xp.. and boy, that was a great talk..

Not going CG together was not great.. =( It felt.. Just weird not to have him with me.. and when everyone asking "where is he?", doesnt help to make the situation better..

Going worship practice together was great.. =) the smile that he always put on his face while playing drum was simple yet warms my heart..

Having KFC together and sharing food with each other was great.. =) him taking the cheese and mayo on my chezzy wedges and me taking the crispy chicken from his snack plate.. oh, and having him as the water tank, i dont need to force myself to finish my drink..

Going shopping together was great.. =) from Sungei Wang to Lowyat to Time Square and back to Sungei Wang together.. Looked for blue working shirt with white stripes wasnt successful but managed to get a light purple and white stripes, the process was tiring yet fun..

Waking him up every morning through phone calls and messages was not great.. =( he sometimes turns his phone to silent mode accidentally, so he just sleep and sleep.. but i would love to wake him every morning still..

Watching him leading the Fidelis Singers' practice was great.. =) I rarely get to see him in his serious mode, must say.. he looked charming..

Most importantly, having him in my life was great.. And you know what's even greater? It's that as we hold hands and walk this journey of ours together, we know that God is watching over us and keeping us in love every single moment of our lives..

How great is that huh? =)


mon said...

awwwwww....nice post

sweet_cherry said...

ya,it's great~~

Sharon Ng said...

Nice one.. So sweet ^^

Anne Lee said...

aw, so sweet. Great that he have you as his gf♥

Liz ^^, said...

That's really great !!!! :D Wish you guys the best ! :))))

wen said...

>>Mon: haha.. thanks!

>>Leong: Indeed.. =)

>>Sharon: Thanks! =)

>>Nien: Haha.. Better be great! Xp..

>>Lisa: Hehe.. Thanks!*hugs*

yAnKuchIki said...

wauu...very sweet...wait till davin read this Xp

Tissuegirl said...

glad you guys talked it out! the important status on fb! :)

hugs. i m very glad that you feel thankful for each other..even the simple things..cause that is what keeps the relationship growing in a healthy way..never forget to cherish each other always oh...:)

wen said...

>>Yan: Nanti bulu roma naik lar.. Or he'll get Diabetes! Xp..

>>Ruth: Yup, learning to appreciate small things.. =)