Saturday, June 19, 2010


Few events to update! But first.. Isnt Emma cute? Xp.. She fell asleep on the walker! Shoo cute!! Awww... Hehehe...

1st Event: Hens Party for Ruth
We celebrated her last day of being a single lady! A bunch of girl have bunch of fun just being together! Truly treasured those moments.. =)
The 1988s

we decorated the wedding car!

2nd Event: Jason & Ruth's Wedding!
It's truly a joy to see both of them together as man and wife! =)

Me being cheeky!

the chi muis!

wedding dinner receptionists

The couple enjoying the dessert =)

The bride and her girls

group photo with the newly wed!

3rd Event: Baptism Service 2010
A number of them got baptised in our own church premise for the very first time! How cool!! And the coolest thing was my brother was one of the candidates! =)

Family photo

The 1995s that got baptised

getting rid of the water in our baptism pool..

4th Event: Singapore Trip!
Oh this was a very fun and nice trip! The four of us, Jeremy, Matthew, Evon (me!) and Siaw Lin went Singapore together! We went Night Safari, Sentosa Island, Orchard, Marina Bay, Esplanade, Singapore Art Festival.. And we met up with bunch of Malaysians there.. =) Last day of trip we went up to Johor Bahru and gave Siaw Lin's dearrie, Mr, Elisha a sweet surprise!

Oh must rewind a bit.. The night before we leave Singapore, Matthew just found out that he havent got his passport renew!! =.=" Ya.. So we prayed and think of ways to get that settle.. Next morning.. We went and renew from the Immigration Office..

7.15am: Reach Immigration Office
7.30am: Immigration Office opens the door
8.10am: Matt's settle stuff at the counter
8.45am: Collected the newly renew passport
9.00am: Leave Wangsa Maju LRT station
9.30am: Reach Bangsar LRT station and run to First Coach Office

So yea.. This is a lesson to everyone!! Please check your passport when you start planning your trip!! Because it's not fun to go thru the whole rushing, worrying and praying thing altogether at the same time.. And it's tiring to run with your luggages with you.. =.="

Thank God that everything did turned out well and the trip wass good!! =)

enjoying food and movies in first coach

Vjin & Simon joined us for Night Safari

our nice hostel

Merlion at Sentosa Island

at the mouth of Merlion

In the Tiger Sky Tower

Siloso Beach

the couple

Jumping pose!

The tall, dark and handsome Segway trainer! Xp..

Sentosa Island

group photo

Jumping pose with our mystery gift a.k.a fans

Random fountain at Resort World

With a view of Singapore's Flyer

The real Merlion

Malaysians United in Singapore!

The interesting kitchen wall in our hostel

Leaving Singapore

the chocolate ais kacang we had in Johor Bahru!

5th Event: Teaching Life
As i posted previously, i'm teaching.. =) So these are some of the photos i took in school! =) Mostly were taken during Teacher's Day!

5B students

students in assembly hall

Performance done by students during Teacher's Day

Students putting up a play in class

More plays done by students

Giving out snacks to students

My presents from students on Teacher's Day! Xp..

6th Event: School Holiday
Finally, holidays are the best.. for students and teachers too! Xp.. Spend time fixing puzzles!

yup, my little brother did that himself! 100 pieces of puzzle.

i did this! (sorry it's not rotate properly..) 200 pieces!

and this! 500 pieces! i was a fan of Sailormoon.. Xp..

7th Event: Food hunting
Matt & I treated Alicia a nice meal and dessert before she leaves for U.S again on the coming Thursday.. So we went Sunway area there to had nice Wan Tan Mee.. No photos though, but it was real nice! Worth the travel and the slow traffic.. Then we went Gardens to have Baskin Robbin as dessert.. Yummy meal!!

Matt and Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Fondue

fruits and small pieces of cakes

scoops of ice creams

and more scoops of ice creams

Not forgetting the yummy chocolate.. opss.. all in your stomachs.. Xp..

Ah! Nice holidayy... Cant believe school is starting! Booooo~~ Will work for another 2 more weeks then quit!! Then one last week of holiday before uni starts! Cant wait till uni starts! =)

Oh and.. I got my results for 2nd year 2nd sem dah! Hmm.. next post lah.. Time to sleep.. Zzzz... =)


sweet_cherry said...

finally u updates ur blog..hehe..btw, i like tat photo of emma alot..super cute!!

wen said...

>>Leong: Yup, finally.. Xp..

Liz ^^, said...

Wow. I read all that and I get so jealous !!! Esp your Singapore trip and your Teacher's Day prezzies !!!! :D

Annie Choong said...

dear! u look pretty with the dress for wedding! miss ya anyway! :) ekekek

wen said...

>>Lisa: Hehe.. Ya.. Love the Sigapore trip and the prezzies! =)

>>Annie: *blush* thanks dear! Miss ya too.. What happened to our meet up man? =.="

Annie Choong said...

ahaha! umm...having those sickening mid-term and final exams non-stop! 3rd sem is killing...


wen said...

>>Annie: You take care girl! Best wishes in going thru the last period of your 3rd sem!!

siaw_lin said...

I see someone is maximizing her hols! And hmm..the photos look very familiar. hahaha...and the fondue.. oh my gosh.. so tempting lah.....hehe.