Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joyyie (3)

I got my result.. and it was hmm.. good enough.. =)

Kursus Pengurusan Persatuan II: A
Crappy subject! A set of students supposed to come out with an activity. We work like mad, but this course it's only worth 1 credit hour. It's actually a good course, but it's just that the way they carry it out and the way the evaluate is crappy. And I am glad that this is so over! No more ko-k subjects!

Sociolinguistics: A
This is an interesting subject. Basically it's about the relationship of language and culture. Some of the topics that we learnt are: language choice, language death, World Englishes, language and gender and Social Dialect.

Multimedia English: A
One boring subject that we have. We learn multimedia: Texts, images, sounds, videos, animations. Told you it's boring!

English Morphology & Syntax: A-
Another interesting subject. Morphology is the study of word and Syntax the study of sentence. It's tough but hmm.. interesting.

Research Methodology: A
This subjects teaches us how to write our proposal for our research project. We did chapter 1: Introduction, chapter 2: Literature Review(i really dont like this part!!) and chapter 3: Methodology. I must say, i'm surprise that i got an A for this.

Pengantar Falsafah: B
Donkey subject! All about philosophy and worst still, in Malay. =.="

Bahasa Perancis II: B+
French Level 2 was so tough! It's more complicated than English.

Penjagaan Kesihatan Diri: B+
Apparently it is one of the easiest to score. Probably it's Science and Malay. And maybe i didnt study much and sleep in lecture hall during lecture? Xp..

So overall, i got 3.65 this semester. Hence my cumulative result dropped from 3.71 to 3.69.

I'm a bit disappointed with my result at the beginning, cause it dropped even tough it's only by a little. But I realised that God was with me all these while.

This particular semester, i had 8 subjects, 23 units, to deal with. I had Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih to handle in the PERKEB. I had 2 subjects in Malay and a subject that deals with multimedia, well i'm not good at both of that. So despite all these, i still sort of maintain my result i would said, that little 0.02, i cant possibly be crying all over just because of 0.02.

I'l just have to work harder in the coming semester for better result. =) Honestly, i've never been so serious with studies before. It's what i'm studying changed my attitude in studies. Studying something that you love, makes you feel that all the sleepless night rushing for assignment or crazy quizzes one week after another, it's worth it after all. =)

Thank God for being with me from day1 in my uni life, the result came possible because of Him.. =)


Liz ^^, said...

Wow. You did really well !!! :))))

Oh. Morphology and Syntax. I'll be taking that next sem >.< Who taught you? How is it?

Alice said...

congrates my dear..Praise the Lord. =)

wen said...

>>Lisa: Haha.. Thanks! Erm.. This.. Goodness, catn remember the fellas name.. Oh! Dr.Imran Ho and also Dr.Subakhir. It was not easy but interesting lor.. =)

>>Alice: Thanks! =)

[ lllydia ] said...

I like your course! :) And WELL DONE YOU! :) xxx

wen said...

>>Lydia: Hahaha.. thanks! =)