Monday, May 10, 2010


Teaching.. the passion?

I've always like teaching. I still remembered, i used to pretend that i am teacher and teach my invisible students at home(i even set up chairs for my invisible students to sit!). The profession 'teacher' always appear in the 'occupation' section in my report book.

I'm the eldest at home. Parents always told me that when i was young, they were the ones who taught me how to do my homework and coach me along. Now that i'm the eldest that i'm able to understand the homework, it's my turn to teach my brothers. I used to teach them homework, well now i still do, just rarely.

These are probably the grounds of building up my interest in teaching.

After my secondary years, i taught in a Chinese primary school (in fact, it is my little brother's school) for about 3 weeks as a part-time teacher. It was a great experience cause i get to substitute different teachers, and get to teach different levels of student and different subjects too! (For those who don't know, i can read, speak, listen and write Chinese!)

Then, i moved on to a pre-school (in fact, it was my little brother's ex-pre-school) and taught there for almost 3 months as a Chinese teacher. It was real fun and i really enjoyed the time there with the kids! Kids are real cute, well, till they decided to turn evil.. =.="

So ya, anyway, i thank God for the opportunities He'd given me to experience teaching in 2 levels, the pre-school and the primary school.

Well, i am back to teaching again! it's in my little brother's primary school, again. (Well, it's convenient, so why not?) I could teach there till July, that's when i go back to uni and continue my 3rd year. Why i said 'could'? Cause it's still not sure, the school apparently wanted a permanent teacher, say like could teach till year end. Who knows they might manage to get a permanent teacher tomorrow? Or next week? Maybe next month? Hahaha.. If so, then i'l be planting grapes at home!

Now this is my problem.. It's only the 6th day of teaching, and i already started hating weekdays, where i need to teach..

Is it because of the classes i'm teaching? Well, i'm teaching Standard 4, 5, and 6, mostly weak students.

Is it because of the subjects that i'm teaching? Sadly, i'm not teaching English, but Maths in Chinese and English, Civic which is something like Moral, and Arts.

Is it because of the people i'm working with? I know very little teachers and i sit alone facing the wall! How sad!

Is it because i already don't like teaching? Oh no.. This will be a big problem then..

Nevertheless (Wow! I used 'nevertheless'!!), i still thank God for this chance to teach. It's more like a chance for me to see if teaching is really my passion. If teaching is not my passion anymore, gosh.. i need to find my 'new' passion!! If teaching is still my passion, 'phew~' then..

*Show me, God..*


Jyannie said...

ooooh Miss Tiew!! Good to hear that you're occupying yourself with naughty kids XP

wen said...

Jyannie!! Xp.. Well.. I might be jobless again.. Hahaha..

Arnan Koh said...

i study best my standing up, walking up and down, lecturing my invisible students...

my parents say i am crazy, but it is a good way to study...

all the best!!

XianG_90 said...

when i was young, i did what u do also.. have invisible student.. and i paste a paper on the cupboard there as white board..
but know, when i start work in this kindergarden for 5 months, i fed up teaching the primary student but i like the kindergarten students....
anyway, enjoy ur works..

Anne Lee said...

Miss Tiew!! IS great that you got the change to teach.. but.. i understand students are not that easy to "control".. hahaha.. especially in level 4,5,6=.=

mayb kindergarden teacher suit u most~^^

[ lllydia ] said...

i think teaching will always be something u enjoy - but it also depends what level. maybe, u prefer the lower primary students? :)

wen said...

>>Arnan: deep-nyer..

>>Xiang: Haha.. smaller kids easy to handle huh? Xp.. Thanks ya!

>>Nien: Perhaps? Xp..

>>Lydia: Have to really find out which level i prefer lor..

siaw_lin said...

Hi Evon,
I'm glad that you've found your passion for teaching because we know that passion drives us to strive even harder to perform well and produce high quality work.

Teachers are unsung heros in the society these days, but the impact they make on students' lives can be really significant to them.

Hehe.. and yes, I had invisible students when I was younger. I had this mini blackboard that I will use to teach my 'students'. It's fun!

Keep on doing well ...sooner or later, you'll look back and see yourself grown over the years.

wen said...

>>Siaw Lin: thanks for the encouraging words!! *hugs* and indeed.. teaching is not at all an easy job.. Btw, having invisible students were fun! Xp..

Sharon Ng said...


It's really hard to teach in fact and you'd taught so many times already, geng!! ^^

Stay tough and all the best ya!!

mon said...

hey i guess its normal to find teaching older students a lil bit more difficult...maybe like what lydia said, u have not found the right age which u like..well i guess this experience will teach u something instead..maybe it will help u to find out more about what age group u would prefer to work with...maybe it will help u to learn more about have fun k...btw do they need anyone to help make teaching aids or something?

chowchow7 said...

hmmm....i experienced this b4...
some even hav their own gang n kinda boycott u...if u want to noe whether u still hav ur passion....i think does kiddies will show u.....^^
jia you!