Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's a blog post about weekends again! Yes, i LOVE WEEKENDS!! =)

Section1: Emma, the baby that my mum's babysitting.. =) According to KaiWen, my little brother, "Emma's the cutest baby in the world!" Hehehe..

Emma knows how to take photo of herself!

She also knows how to pose!

and she have sexy lips! And her first tooth popping out!!

She is happy that she could reach her bottle without us knowing..

Look at her innocent face when she was caught in action! Xp..

She don't really like to drink water, but loves steering her water bottle!

Playing with her water bottle!

Not drinking the water.. =.="

Section2: At last, after weeks, I decided to forget my old bible that was lost.. And go on to buy a new one.. The traffic was pretty bad when we were on our way there, and handphone camera does its job well to entertain us!

Matt the driver

Evon the lady boss (as Lydia always said so)

Section3: After church service, a bunch of us went hunting for Jason & Ruth's wedding gift..

Zhong Yi the big kid!

Matt & Evon, while waiting for the Ikea's meatball!

Section4: The wedding rehearsal! Decided to go 'kepoh' although i'm totally not in charge during the wedding service.. Mine is the earlier part before the proceed to the church.. Hehehe... *evil laughs!*

the church

the church

Rehearsing the message part, where the pastor explains
the meaning of marriage and ring..

the couple listen attentively..

walking in..
Kenneth & Chelsia, talented singers of the wedding day!
Look! how sweet~ the husband is tying the wife's hair! =)

Matt in the band

Hon Yau the chairman & worship leader

Evon & Chelsia

Kenneth, Jason & Jeremy

the couple who will tie their love knot in 1st May 2010!! =)

Cant wait:
1. For Pengantar Falsafah exam to be done on coming tuesday!
2. To shop for 'get-the-bride' session with Grace!
3. To decorate the wedding cars and party with Ruth!
4. for the joyous wedding of Jason & Ruth!

Can't wait... Xp..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Craps on msn

Craps on msn due to S.T.R.E.S.S!

Part 1: A conversation between Simon Teo the top scorer and Evon the stressful girl

Hahaha.. That was fun! Xp..

*back to study*


Part 2: A conversation between Sue Ann the clone and Evon the girl who's studying sociolinguistics

Sue Ann says:
tq tq tq
i wanna thank me, myself and i
for this great big achievement
of breaking evon's window
tqtqtq (:
thankiu thankiu! *bows*

Evon says:
Do you know? That british black english, they use 'mi' for I, me and my...

Sue Ann says: interesting
i wurve mi!

Evon says:
and they use 'dem' for they, them, their..
So... Mi name Evon..

Sue Ann says:

Evon says:
selious lar...

Sue Ann says:
u learn black english ar?

Evon says:
part of what i'm studying..
i learn british black eng, african american vernacular english, maori new zealanders' english..

Sue Ann says:
ooohhh...veli d interesting
next time i ask u teach me diff diff english la

Evon says:
i aint taeching you nothing! (that's african american vernacular english!)
gosh.. siao d lar me..

Sue Ann says:
hahaha...i was usin tht slang all evening xP

Evon says:
goodie! you can be a SUPER FAIR african american!
Sue Ann says:
they'd be like...u aint no african american.. nah-ah...i aint see no black in totally man...go get a black life
rofl XP

Evon says:
den u'l go like.. "u aint know nothin'.. this caus' of TOP! they aint no play play (so malaysian!), they aint leave no colour on you nomore!"

Sue Ann says:
*clap clap* evon is the pass african american engrish like kau kau

Evon says:

Well, i did study.. Xp..

*back to study again*

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

One two-three man!

Dear Matt,

You're one two-three man now dear!

I thank God..

for His presence in your life..

and for giving me such a wonderful man!

I pray that whatever you do,

you'll commit them all in the our Father's hand..

And continue to cling on to our Father..

in all circumstances..

Love you still,

even you've grow another year older!

Blessed 23rd Birthday dear! =)

Lots and lots of love from deep down,