Monday, March 29, 2010


Celebrations in March!

Celebration 1: Annie's 22nd birthday
Evon, Annie & YokeLuan

2. Celebration 2: Zhong Xin & Elise's 20th Birthday
Elise & Zhong Xin

2. Celebration 3: Siaw Lin's 22nd Birthday
the gang who surprised her, along with her mum!

The angelic girls (notice the ramlee burger? Xp..)

Not so angelic after all? Xp..

Celebration 4: Ruth's Convocation
The bunch of people who went for her convo

And she graduated with first class honors!

Celebration 5: Cousin brother's wedding dinner
Cute little Emma grins!

My & I, with Emma

Baby Emma

Baby Emma's lovely parents

Celebration 6: College Dinner 2010
Annie & Evon

Evon & Melia

With my coursemates

Celebration 7: Sambutan Ulangtahun Perkeb Ke-35
Evon & Lee San

Evon & Su-Jian (shared the same birthday!)

Evon & Christina (Pretty African Daisy brought by her all the way from Petaling Street)

Malam Kesempuranaan Kasih 2010 (Leonson's not here though)

No celebration currently.. Well, if assignments, presentations, reports, exams and proposal are counted as celebration.. Hmm.. the celebration never ends.. @.@

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Two for Annie

=Annie & Evon=

UKM Orientation


The Mines



Little girls eating cake

College Dinner

Evon's 22nd Birthday

Annie's 22nd Birthday

Dear Annie,

As you turn Double-Two this year..

I pray that God will continue to give you all the doubles!!

Double joy!

Double peace!

Double goodness!

Double blessings!

Double faith!

Double hope!

Double love!

And i truly thank God for granting me a sister like you!


Love, Evon

May we continue to stay crazy! Xp..

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The love adds on...

Indeed.. more love will be add on.. and never stop..

evon: *cheeky face!*

Matt: The girl up there is my girlfriend!!

Evon: And yup, this guy here is my boyfriend!!

Matt & Evon: There.. this fella here loh...

Matt & Evon: *funny faces*

Thank God for this love

over the past four years
many more four years to come.. =)