Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dating Spree

Shopping spree? Dating Spree is "best-er"!! Xp..

1. First Date of 2010.. KFC for lunch at Melawati..

2. Boyfriend and the favourite Ice Lemon Tea in Manhattan Fish Market.

3. Girlfriend and her candy bar top!

4. In Wangsa Walk's A & W for lunch.

5. Look at the boyfriend's eye! So nice.. >.<
6. Mirror image of us.

7. In A & W again.

8. Acting crazy in car while waiting for friends.

9. On the girlfriend's birthday.. Kitchen!! Not a place she's good at..

10. Boyfriend's "favourite" pathway in Gardens.. The Girlfriend just love making him walk on it while she jumps jumps jumps on the glass pathway.. Xp..

11. In Gardens, and in shades of green!

12. Lunch at Secret Recipe, the Oreo Cheese cake.. The before version..

13. In the process of enjoying it..

14. The end.. Lick the plate wei~

15. Boyfriend's silly look!

16. Girlfriend's slurpy Oreo Smoothies.. yummy....

17. One lovely photo before Valentines!

Not gonna celebrate Valentines on every 14th February..

Instead, celebrating it every single day with..

Lots of quarrel..

Lots of smile..

Lots of fight..

Lots of laugh..

Lots of tear..

Lots of joy..

Lastly.. Lots of...

L.O.V.E. =)


Mattster said...


Tissuegirl said...

:) hehe so cuutteeeee!

wen said...

>>Matt: =)

>>Ruth: Hahaha.. Xp..

carol marol said...

i so can imagine u jumping up and down on the glass pathway in Gardens.. haha. cute.. so u wei!

wen said...

>>Carol: Hahahaha.. Yea.. Xp.. I was like jump jump.. and he like dragging me off from it.. Xp..

Jane said...

eh picture number 6, what've u guys done in there, dont b naughty!LOL

wen said...

>>Jane: Hahaha.. Nothing at all!