Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Joyyie (2)

I've got my 2nd year 1st semester result.. But i have yet to announce it in blog..

For the record, maybe you wanna have a look at here first before continue reading..

For lazy people, the "here" link is basically a previous post of mine about my results in my first year.. i manage to literally maintain.. Got 3.70 last semester, but CGPA still 3.71.. Xp.. Seriously praise and thank God for this man!!

2nd year 1st semester:
Bahasa Isyarat: A-
It's a fun yet hectic subject. Practise practise practise. Memorise memorise memorise. Quiz almost every week, both receptive and expressive. It's usually scary when it's expressive cause we had to stand in front and sign whatever text we are given on the spot. I still remember my hands will shake. And there was times when i cant remember, friends would secretly sign or hint to me. Xp..

Kursus Pengurusan Persatuan 1: B+
Most crappo subject ever.. Why must all wajib univeristi courses be as crappo as they can?! This subject is part of the co-curiculum that we need to take.. Our uni force us to take a total of 8 units of this. This is the 7th unit, 1 more unit to go this sem and i'm done with it!

Academic Writing: A-
Writing again, this is the 2nd course in our major that requires us to write. This time, not essay writing, but more like conducting a mini research. Thank God it was a pair work, and my partner dear Sin Yee is definetely a good partner!

Academic Reading: A-
Learn about several reading skills. Again, it's related to writing as we were asked to write critical review and summary on articles and journals.

Oral Communication Strategies: A
An interesting course that everyone should take. I could still remember we were asked to sing "Do Re Mi" in the first tutorial regarding the intonation. Lots of presentation be it group and individual needed in this course. Best of all, no finals! Xp..

Bahasa Perancis Asas 1: A
"Bonjour! Je m'applle Evon. Comment Ca va?" Couldnt get into japanese hence french, but thank God, cause if it's japanese, need to learn the writing too! It's fun learning another language and knowing the cultures too, had a young Malay lecturer from Malaysian france Institute.

Pengurusan Emosi: B+
One of the university courses. Why Emotional Management? Cause i couldn't manage my emotions? Xp..

This semester, 2nd year 2 semester. I'm registered with 23 units in total.
  1. Kursus Pengurusan Persatuan 2
  2. Penjagaan Kesihatan Diri
  3. Pengantar Falsafah
  4. Research Methodolgy
  5. Sociolinguistics
  6. English Morphology & Syntax
  7. Multimedia English
  8. French Level 2

I got a new news just today! A very joyyie news!! Xp.. Apparently, the CGPA for Dean List is 3.6 and 3.67 for first class!! I still got hope!! Xp.. Let's just hope that i'll continue to at least maintain my CGPA and the government will not change the 2010 budget when it comes to 2011..

Oh, another joyyie news.. No more Saturday classes!!

Let's par-tayyyyyyyy!!!


sweet_cherry said...

owh,gt french level 2 sum more hor?so u muz teach me den..i jz study level 1 oni..

wen said...

>>Leong: Haha.. actually here every foreign language got up to 4 levels.. Will teach what i can.. =)

siaw_lin said...

awesome! praise the Lord for the blessings. :) Study smart and also enjoy life for the next semester.

SueAnn said...

hehe i don't have sat classes too!! :D

wen said...

>>SiawLin: Yes Ma'am!! =)

>>Ann: *high fives* Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

Congrats on your results ! PTL :) I did well myself. Aheh.
Bien. Merci. Et toi? Je m'appelles Lisa. Comment ca va?

wen said...

>>Lisa: Thanks!! You are one cute girl!! Xp..