Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ann & Big Two

Dearest one and only clone,

May you continue to love chocolates!
(since you dont need to worry about being fat..)

May you continue to love your study!
(despite the horrible load of assignments, projects and exams..)

May you continue to put that joyful smile on your face!
(one single smile might hunt down your man, you'll never know..)

May you continue to stay pretty!
(despite all sorts of insects that bothers you..)

May you continue to have a heart for God!
(cause you means a lot to Him..)

Blessed 20th Birthday to you
welcome to the
Big 2 world!!

One and only clone


SueAnn said...

Thank you dearest clone!! :)
hey sunday we go makan. xP

wen said...

>>Ann: Okai boss!! =) I belanja!