Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 more days!!

Hi dear friends.. Xp.. hehehehehehe...

I'm here making your life easier k? You dont need to crack your head to think of what to give me on my birthday... Cause i'm here to assist you! Hahahahahaha...

Item 1: purse? wallet? Whatever you call it.. but something for me to put my IC, driving lisence, Touch N Go card, Jusco card, student card, college card, credit card(going to have one soon!), all other cards, pocket size photos, money, coins... a rectangle purse/wallet/whatever you called it would be nice huh? Xp..

Item 2: Purse? Handbag? Whatever you call it again.. Basically just a something that can fit my N97, tissue, car key, house key, contact lense case, and my soon-to-get purse/wallet/whatever you call it.. Hahahahaha.. Not too big, and not too long the strap.. Xp..

Item 3: A pillow! A-ha! I know what is this call!! Xp.. Yup, i need a big pillow... a big rectangle pillow.. Yes, just a pillow.. Dont want the hard hard kind of pillow.. i already have one hard bed back at home... =( Oh, of course, get one that come alongs with a pillow case, 2 pillow cases pun boleh! Hahahahaha...

Item 4: Shirts!! Little Miss shirts or any other shirts would do.. =) any colour as long as it's nice and suits me.. Hahahahaha... Oh! Or those with funny phrases on it.. Like.. "This is not my boyfriend!" (Matt might kill me if i wear it when i'm out with him.. hehehe...)

Item 5: Dresses!! No worries, i'm not asking you to get one wedding dress for me.. Nor am i getting married anytime soon... Hahahahaha... I cant find a dress image hence posted this.. Yup, nice dress.. or those mini dress.. Gosh.. I'm so demanding.. And i know this will cost a bomb, i wont scold you if you dont get this for me.. hehehehe...

Item 6: Books! You could get me books...
Jodi Picoult: Get me any of her books, EXCEPT "Handle With Care", i already have that.. The rest of the three books in the photo below, i already read them, but dont mind getting "My Sister's Keeper" as present! There are tonnes of other books too.. =)

Tony Parson: Only read "The Family Way", not bad a book.. =) I cant remember which but Lukas mentioned before one of his book was good.. Got "Man & Boy" for Davin last year, he said good choice.. I think he also got other books besides those shown in the photo below..

Cecelia Ahern: Her books are a bit here and there.. Love "P/S: I love you".. "If you could see me now" is interesting.. "A Place called here" was a bit confusing and tricky.. "Where Rainbow Ends" a bit like, grandmother's story lor.. Oh by the way, i already have all those below.. Xp.. She also have other books.. So can get me other books of hers.. Xp..

Item 7: Pendrives!! i think i need another pendrive.. 4GB to 32GB sounds fine to me.. Xp.. You could get those cute pendrives for me!! Beach sandals, cute wei... If not can just get the same old boring type of pendrive! I dont mind too!! But i think my dear coursemate, Sin Yee gonna get for me.. Hmmm...

Item 8: Chocolates!! Anything to do with chocolate is fine!! Who can possibly hate chocolates?! Money talks, but chocolate sings wei... Hehehehehe...

Item 9: If you're really not in a mood of buying all 8 items above.. =( I hope you're not!! Well you could get me birthday cards or bookmarks.. Could also sms me, facebook me, mail me, call me, hug me or even kiss me!! (please get permission from Mr.Matthew before you do so.. Xp.. And Matt, dont think you could just get rid of my present by doing so.. =.=")

See!! I SOOO good.. Give you all 10 days in advanced to prepare my birthday gift!! Hahahaha...

Oh, maybe you could tell me what you gonna get for me, so that i'l announce and others dont buy the same thing.. Xp.. Especially item 1 and item 6.. Xp.. The rest, the more the merrier!!

Okay, i'm a happy girl now since i posted this *jumping around*, now back uni work.. *boooo!!*

Currently working on English Morphology & Syntax - Word Formation - Compounding Verbs

Tata!! =)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih (2)

As promised.. Photos!! =)





Break time

Technical guys


Some of us took a trip to visit the venue that the event is going to take place..

The hall

The audience seats

Rachel, Nernny & Veron

Let's end this post with...

The Hannah Montana Dance!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih

Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih

=Love is a Verb=

"This is how God showed his love among us:
He sent his one and only Son into the world
that we might live through him.
This is love:
not that we loved God,
but that he loved us and sent his Son
as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.
Dear friends,
since God so loved us,
we also ought to love one another."


Stay tuned for more.. (photos!! Xp..)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ann & Big Two

Dearest one and only clone,

May you continue to love chocolates!
(since you dont need to worry about being fat..)

May you continue to love your study!
(despite the horrible load of assignments, projects and exams..)

May you continue to put that joyful smile on your face!
(one single smile might hunt down your man, you'll never know..)

May you continue to stay pretty!
(despite all sorts of insects that bothers you..)

May you continue to have a heart for God!
(cause you means a lot to Him..)

Blessed 20th Birthday to you
welcome to the
Big 2 world!!

One and only clone

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Joyyie (2)

I've got my 2nd year 1st semester result.. But i have yet to announce it in blog..

For the record, maybe you wanna have a look at here first before continue reading..

For lazy people, the "here" link is basically a previous post of mine about my results in my first year.. i manage to literally maintain.. Got 3.70 last semester, but CGPA still 3.71.. Xp.. Seriously praise and thank God for this man!!

2nd year 1st semester:
Bahasa Isyarat: A-
It's a fun yet hectic subject. Practise practise practise. Memorise memorise memorise. Quiz almost every week, both receptive and expressive. It's usually scary when it's expressive cause we had to stand in front and sign whatever text we are given on the spot. I still remember my hands will shake. And there was times when i cant remember, friends would secretly sign or hint to me. Xp..

Kursus Pengurusan Persatuan 1: B+
Most crappo subject ever.. Why must all wajib univeristi courses be as crappo as they can?! This subject is part of the co-curiculum that we need to take.. Our uni force us to take a total of 8 units of this. This is the 7th unit, 1 more unit to go this sem and i'm done with it!

Academic Writing: A-
Writing again, this is the 2nd course in our major that requires us to write. This time, not essay writing, but more like conducting a mini research. Thank God it was a pair work, and my partner dear Sin Yee is definetely a good partner!

Academic Reading: A-
Learn about several reading skills. Again, it's related to writing as we were asked to write critical review and summary on articles and journals.

Oral Communication Strategies: A
An interesting course that everyone should take. I could still remember we were asked to sing "Do Re Mi" in the first tutorial regarding the intonation. Lots of presentation be it group and individual needed in this course. Best of all, no finals! Xp..

Bahasa Perancis Asas 1: A
"Bonjour! Je m'applle Evon. Comment Ca va?" Couldnt get into japanese hence french, but thank God, cause if it's japanese, need to learn the writing too! It's fun learning another language and knowing the cultures too, had a young Malay lecturer from Malaysian france Institute.

Pengurusan Emosi: B+
One of the university courses. Why Emotional Management? Cause i couldn't manage my emotions? Xp..

This semester, 2nd year 2 semester. I'm registered with 23 units in total.
  1. Kursus Pengurusan Persatuan 2
  2. Penjagaan Kesihatan Diri
  3. Pengantar Falsafah
  4. Research Methodolgy
  5. Sociolinguistics
  6. English Morphology & Syntax
  7. Multimedia English
  8. French Level 2

I got a new news just today! A very joyyie news!! Xp.. Apparently, the CGPA for Dean List is 3.6 and 3.67 for first class!! I still got hope!! Xp.. Let's just hope that i'll continue to at least maintain my CGPA and the government will not change the 2010 budget when it comes to 2011..

Oh, another joyyie news.. No more Saturday classes!!

Let's par-tayyyyyyyy!!!

Twenty Ten

Would love to start the first post in TwentyTen by saying..

"Thank You, God.. For this man of Yours.. =)"