Monday, December 28, 2009

Random photos (3)

Photos and a line for each photo.. =)

1. Matt & Evon (love my hair!! Xp..)

2s. Little Baby Emma!! the baby mummy is babysitting.. Super lovely & cute daughter of Alan & Pui Yen!

3. Davin, confirm sms-ing with his "ai-ren"..

4. Sin Yee, super sien.. =.="

5. Kumutha & Sin Gin are happy that class was cancelled!

6. The newly-renovated-church!!

7. Matt playing guitar on stage.. practising for Christmas service..

8. Marcus, HonYau, Uncle Eric, Christopher & Matt.. the jazz band for Christmas dinner..

9. Captain ball turned into Butt ball! I think it's fun!

10. Free ticket for Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 from Pui Yen!!

11. The boys at The Curve

12. Evon & Matt at The Curve

Twenty Ten is around the corner! like super around the corner!!


sweet_cherry said...

emma grow up d..she is so cute..wish 2 meet her soon..hehe =P

wen said...

>>Leong: Yup, she's very cute!! Xp..