Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Limited Gifts

I'm back from Taiwan.. said tata to me dear pearl milk tea..

Pearl Milk Tea

As the title said.. I only have limited gifts for muka tembok girls.. yes.. girls only.. Xp..

Earings (sample only)

Hair accessories

So, they're not for sale people, only for grabbing.. "siapa cepat, dia dapat.."


JTan said...

ONLY girls?? what happened to my souvenir? o.O

wen said...

>>Jeremy: Chocolates? Xp..

tabbydlim said...

i want the hair tie!!!

wen said...

>>Tabby: hahaha.. ok.. yang mane lar? Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

I want ear rings !! I know you saved a special one for me kan??? XD muakzzz~

wen said...

Hahaha.. Yes Lisa, will keep for you.. =)