Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back to reality

What happens after Taiwan?

First thing first.. Dating? Hahaha.. Went and watch Princess & The Frog with Matt.. =) We had lunch at Chillis before that too.. Xp.. And that was the first time i drove all the way to Midvalley.. Xp.. Thanks to Matt.. =)



A 4 days 3 night camp, was also a life-changing camp.. Thanks a lot to all those who contributed in a small or rather big way.. =) Special thanks to...
-God the Father of all
-Yoshua Chua the camp speaker
-Uncle Gan & Aunt Meier the advisors and workshop speakers
-Uncle Eric the advisor, devotion speaker and driver
-Uncle Kenny the devotion speaker
-Aunt Joan the driver
-HonYau & Jason the workshop speakers
-Matthew Khoo the understanding boyfriend

Hmm.. I missed out some people dont i? The wonderful YA! Camp Committee of year 2009!!
-Amos the camp commander
-Fern the secretary and reminder
-Joel & Joshua the treausrer
-Ravern the worship & prayer coordinator
-Lemuel the publicity guy
-Shu Yee the logistic girl
-Zhong xin the game coordinator

Had a yummy dinner with the YA! Camp committee & YA! committee along with our advisors =)

Uncle Gan

Joel Low, Joel Gan & Aunt Meier

Matt Ben, Lemuel & Joshua

Deborah, Sara & Evon

Sarah, Fern & Shu Yee

Evon, Matt & ZhongXin the flower

Amos, Phoebe & Jen Li

Camp was inspiring and life-changing.. Am pretty sure i'm one of the semangat during camp then after camp lose the semangat-ness.. Just gonna pray that the fire wont just go poof but continue to burn for God.. =)

YA! Camp 2009

Now now.. back to reality.. Am back in hostel.. starting uni 21st Dec 2009.. ish ish.. so donk right? and falling sick right now make the situation even donkier.. =.="

By the way, Christmas is near!! Xp..


sweet_cherry said...

me sick too..vr vr unwel..haiz..many ppl fal sick recently..haiz

AMos said...

ZX not really flower. more of a 'lamp post'. xD

wen said...

>>Leong: take care.. =)

>>Amos: a very bright flower looking lamp post.. Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

How was Princess and the Frog? I wanna watch it too !!! >.<

p.s: Hope you get better soon babe :)