Thursday, December 24, 2009

2 days before Christmas

2 days before Christmas, the 2 of us went lepak at night.. Must put in Sejarah Hari Ini cause it's such a rare occassion.. Xp..

After all the thinking, we had our dinner at Rendezvous Steak Garden.. The place where my parents saw Jason & Ruth dating.. Hehehe.. Where's Rendezvous? Erm, it's near the Kampung Pandan roundabout.. Ordered Chicken Maryland, Grilled Cheese Chicken, Potato Skin and 2 drinks.. =)



The heavy drinker

The potato lover

Main reason why we went out at night is to see the fake snow at Pavillion.. But when we are there after our dinner, we only saw Christmas trees, Raindeers, Fountains.. Apparently they've got some certain time for the snow, we just missed it.. Oh well, fake snow only.. Not real.. Nevermind..... Xp.. So we ended up lepak-ing at Pavillion, walk here and there.. Listen to some band playing right outside of Pavillion.. Oh.. and we had Lecka Lecka! Xp..


Slurpy Lecka

RM12.75 ESPriT


Christmas is like really near now.. Yay!! =)
---Carolling on 24th night
---Christmas service on 25th morning
---Christmas dinner on 25th night
---Christmas CG dinner on 26th night

Wishing all a Blessed & Joyful Christmas!! =)


Arnan Koh said...

The potato lover should be named the heavy eater to match the heavy drinker...

Mattster said...

haha.. btw.. i ordered marmalade chicken.. not chicken maryland.. haha.. :)

as for the snow.. nvm la.. next time we go see real snow k? :D

wen said...

>>Arnan: Aiseh.. didnt know you check my blog.. Hahaha!! I where got heavy eater lar.. Xp..

>>Matt: Oh really? Xp.. didnt remember well.. Bout the snow.. You say de ar!! i didnt force you.. Xp.. *yay!!*