Monday, November 30, 2009

Taiwan - 29th Nov 09

A day trip at Tainan(South of Taiwan)

The night before, Evon, Doudou & YuQi

Fried mi hun = fried rice noodle

went and watched black-faced spoonbills, what's black-faced spoonbills?

for more information, please read! Xp..

Yuan watching blac-faced spponbills

Aunt bbq-ing some kind of seafood, an oyster like stuff..

Yi Ming uncle, the uncle who we're staying with..



Yuan and oyster like stuff


some kinf of mini crab

Cute kaiwen!

Yuan, not posing

Yuan, preparing to pose

Yuan, posing!

Mummy, Evon & Yuqi at salt hill, a hill of salt, not sand.

Evon & Yuqi on boat

Another photo of cute kaiwen

Yuan on boat

Night market in Tainan

Mummy in HuaYuan night market in Tainan

HuaYuan night market
Tired yet nice trip.. =)

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