Friday, November 27, 2009

Taiwan - 26th Nov 09

Shopped.. Cycled.. That's what we did today..

Kaiwen with the WorldGame 2009 KaoHsiung mascot

Ravern in the shopping mall

Mister donut!! Cute donut.. =)

Ferris Wheel, a Hello Kitty family Ferris Wheel

A view from the top

Evon and Hello Kitty

Kaiwen & Hello Kitty

Mummy & Yuan with Hello Kitty

Mummy & Kaiwen on bike

Yuan & food

Kaiwen & Evon with food

Mummy & Love River view

Kaiwen & Love River View

Evon & Love River View

Yuan & Love River View

Shopping is fun, but wasting money is not so fun.. Xp.. Ravern spent the most, about RM300 on 4 shirts, 2pants, 2 bags, 1 belt.. Xp.. He have to ikat perut for the rest of the holiday dah.. hehehehe..
Cycling is fun, but butt & legs are painful still.. @.@ Eating is fun too.. yummy pearl milk tea.. Much better than those we drank before back at home Matt! Xp.. No, i cant possibly ta bao back dear.. Xp..
Spaghetti & night market tomorrow!!=)


sweet_cherry said...

i like the hello kitty ferris wheel n love river..bring me thr..xP

wen said...

>>Leong: spsonsor the flight tickets.. i'l bring you.. Xp..

JTan said...

wahlao.. ravern so power shopper ar? geng... anyway, he always look happy when got food.. hehe.. :P

wen said...

>>Jeremy: Yup, power shopper.. Xp..