Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taiwan - 25th Nov 09

Today,we went cycling & night market..

Cycling was tiring.. now.. my legsare painful.. my butt butt pun.. =.=" I need more exercise.. @.@ me unhealthy girl.. Xp.. But cycling was fun.. cycle in KaoHsiung town for bout 1 hours plus.. Stopped by and had ice kacang too..

cycle path

Big ice kacang with fruits, chocs, redbeans.. yummy~

One of the view from our cycling path

We went night market at night..(obviously~ =.=") Ate there, shop there..played there..
Kaiwen & the uncle

Yuan & the uncle

Mummy & the uncle
They actually won lots of small soft toys back man.. real pro.. Xp..
More cycling tomorrow.. =)
More missing & worrying to do..=(

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