Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taiwan - 24th Nov 09

We went swimming and spa today.. But didnt manage to take any photos cause i left my dear camera in the car.. you dont really expect a girl wearing swimsuit walk to the carpark and get camera, do you??? Xp..

It was a nice experience doing spa.. The water was real hot! though people here said it's just warm, not hot.. =.=" Oh got one super cold area too!!It's like icy cold.. Hehe.. i managed to con my little brother who doesnt know it's icy cold to walk into it.. And he did!! Xp.. I'm avery sweet sister.. Yes I am!! Xp.. Well, will take photos of the place the next time we visit.. =)

Then we went to a makan shop own by one of the uncles.. yummy yummy food there.. didnt manage to take any photos too cause i'm way too hungry.. couldnt wait..will take them the next round we visit again..

After makan, we went to a near by arcade.. well, you might say "arcade?? nothing much what.." But to our family, it's something.. cause we rarely play them.. This, i manage to take some photos down.. Xp.. scroll down..

Bros on bikes

Little bro & the gun game

That's all bout this day, we were way too tired for more activites.. Xp..

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