Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taiwan - 23rd Nov 09

Uncles aunties took a Monday leave, and took us out on a 1 day trip! How nice of them.. =) We travel up to the middle of Taiwan, TaiZhong.. Oh, for your info, we are staying at KaoHsiung, 2nd city of Taiwan located at the south part..

A small town that we visited, Jiji..

this is a result of the 921 earthquake happened in Taiwan bout 10 years back..

Ravern and the big green vehicle.. Xp..

Mum & flower shape ice cream

Men and boys

After visiting Jiji, we went to Sun Moon Lake.. Took a boat trip around it. =)

Yuan & Kavern on boat

Yuan, at one of the small island we stop by, another small island in the middle of the Lake belongs to one of the orang asli tribe in Taiwan

Mum & her year of horse

Sun Moon Lake & Yuan

Tribal dance..Look at the half naked men man!
We went to WenWu Temple.. Wen meaning academic,Wu meaning martial art.. =) There's a staircase that contain 366 steps.. Each step contain a day, with a famous person name on it. Scrool down to see..
The General in Army school, the wife & Kaiwen

Head exercise people! 25th Dec, Jesus the Savior..

More head exercise! Xp.. For Matt!! Xp.. 16th Dec, Beethoven

Kaiwen & 21st October

Evon and the sunset view.. Love sunset, unlike Matt who love sunrise.. Xp..

Nice trip at TaiZhong! =)


Mattster said...
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Mattster said...

hehe.. no pics of the kids? :P

missing you!! :)

Jane said...

oh my kaiwen has grown up so much!

wen said...

>>Matt: Yea oh.. Xp.. Miss you too!

>>Jane: Yup yup, he's a big kid.. =)