Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taiwan-21st Nov 09

Hi people.. =) After 4 hours and 10 mins of plane.. 3 hours of transiting.. 45 mins of plane again.. KaoHsiung.. here we are..

kaiwen in KLIA

Evon & Lolipop

Us in airport

3 of us in plane

Mum in Taoyuan airport

Yuan and his year of pig

boys sleeping in Taoyuan airport
Will blog bout 2nd, 3rd, 4th day soon... lazyness.. Xp.. tata!


sweet_cherry said...

hey,i know wat 2 buy d lahh..
buy the big lolipop for me lahh..
buy 2 bahh..hehe..
wish 2 had big lolipop long time ago..hehe

wen said...

>>Leong: Lolipop?! okai... =.="

sweet_cherry said...

yea,bt if too expensive,dun buy ya..hehe..number of lolipop nid 2 buy increase to 3 jor..hehe..2 strawberry n 1 cherry flavour..hehe..i like lolipop mahh,no nid swt lahh..