Monday, November 02, 2009

Room got flooded!!

Yes.. flooded.. my room.. 2nd floor!! No.. it was not from ground floor flooded up till 2nd floor, that'll be a little ridiculous right? but i'm not exaggerating here.. the rain flooded my room.. =.="

This is how it happenned. It was raining cats and dogs, and other animals decided to join to make it more heavy!! =.=" The wind doesnt want to be lefted out, so it joined along too.. Not merely wind, but strong wind, that blows towards my windows' direction like nobody's business..

The water just hit in! Well, the window is a bit cacat lar.. Somehow it was not sealed properly or whatsoever, hence, water hit in.. madly!!

it just flowed in..

annie's side of window

evon's side of window

the floor and the soaked cloth

Flooded so badly that you cant see the drain and green grass

it is that bad..

Amount of rain that flooded annie and my room

Over half the pail wei..

me *bluek* the rain today.. =(


JTan said...

first time rain in ur room? historical wei.. must record down...

Jyannie said...

Yikes!! what is this... bukit oso can flood. hehehe... hope you managed to clean your room up already ;) and poor girl's baju in one of your pics... basah kuyup d hehe

wen said...

>>Jeremy: Well, first time it rained so badly lar..

>>Jyan: Yea man! It's a bukit for goodness sake! and 2nd floor! Hahaha..

kaew3n said...

it's really ridiculous!
pity u and annie lo~~
remember fats fast back room when there is raining outside next time le..
if not..haiz...

Annie Choong said...

tz for saving our life!!!

wen said...

>>Kae Wen: Hahaha.. yea lor.. Xp..

>>Annie: It's a must wei.. our room lar.. hehehe..

JTan said...

oh ooppss.. i mean first time ur room flooded.. lol..
wah evon saved the day? hard to believe.. :P

hw's the room nw btw? the wall looks like it needs some repainting..

J e n n Y said...

wow tak sangka 2nd floor pun boleh banjir..haha

wen said...

>>Jeremy: It's a fact no whether or not u believe.. =.=" it's back to normal dah.. =)

>>Jenny: Yea man.. tak sangka at all.. =.="