Monday, November 16, 2009

Genting Trip

A total of 8 of us went Genting Theme Park last Wednesday..

Flying Coaster

The brave ones! Yuan, Sarah, Sara and Sophia the great! Xp..

J.Low: "YES!!!"

The Sungai Rejang water ride

Joel, Sophia, Sara, Sarah, Yuan and J. Low's elbow

the girls

the boys

The bunch of us (except Yuan)

Had lots of fun, enjoyed the fellowship.. =)


Jane said...

oh my roller coaster is my nitemare, its better to kill me than askin me to lay my butt on.

wen said...

>>Jane: Hahaha.. I also like secara paksarela go sit der.. Xp..

JTan said...

ooo.. i missed the fun... lol..

wen said...

>>Jeremy: Haha.. Xp..