Sunday, November 01, 2009


Dear Matt,

It was exactly 3 years and 8 months, since 08/03/2006..

Us, before we got together

Evon's 19th

Evon's 21st

Matt's 20th

Matt's 21st

Matt's 22nd

Evon's Baptism Night

Taking photos in cars..

Eating! (we never fail to amazed ourselves with good food! Xp..)

G-hill walk (that we hardly do nowadays.. Xp..)

Thanks for giving me your shoulder to lean on..

And i'm glad that my shoulder was there for you too..

Thanks for being with me in times of troubles..

Thanks.. you never fail to make me smile.. =)

I appreciate and love your talents.. (So darn yeng!! *faints~* Xp..)

I appreciate and love your 'syok sendiri-ness'.. (So cute!)

I erm.. well.. sometimes i'm like that too.. (who don't love sleeping?! Xp..)

Thanks for making me someone special and precious in your heart dear.. I thank God for our relationship.. =) And am looking forward for more and more God's blessing in our relationship..


Love, Evon


Mattster said...

*hugs* :)

i appreciate you too :)

yAnKuchIki said...

ohhh...sooooooo cute Xp~~~ <3

slidergirl said...

awwwwww sweet! :)

sweet_cherry said...

wah, sai meng here d lahh..btw,i'm happie 2 c u in a gud relationship too..stay sweet ya..

wen said...

>>Matt: Thanks.. *hugs*

>>Yan: Haha.. memang lar cute.. Xp..

>>Alicia: Xp.. Thanks.. *hugs*

>>Leong: Aiseh.. where got sai meng lar, nowadays keep raining jer... Xp.. Thanks girl.. you take care! =)

SueAnn said...

awwwwwwww. x)

wen said...

>>Ann: haha.. Xp..

Sharon Ng said...

This is so dear

wen said...

>>Sharon: Hey thanks.. Didnt know you've been reading.. Xp.. =)

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwwww. Really soo sweet la babe !!! I'm jealous ! XD
Wish you too the best and may you guys be happy-happy all the time ! And even when you guys are not happy-happy, I wish for you guys love that will still keep you going strong, to work it out and grow together ! Ganbatehhh ! :P

JTan said...

wah.. bulu roma naik.. tak tahan... haha.. :P

may God continue to bless your relationship and thru u, bless others around u... :)

wen said...

>>Lisa: thanks!! *hugs*

>>Jeremy: Like that also tak tahan? =.=" haha.. thanks man..

deborahhhh said...

diabetically sweeettt

now who was the one who took that pic of your strong shoulder??

wen said...

>>Deborah: 'diabetically sweeettt' doesnt sounds very healthy lar wei.. no other words to describe ka? Xp.. Who else lar the photographer, u lar tu.. Xp..

[ lllydia ] said...

wishing you and matt much happiness, evon. :)

Alice said...

sweet huh~ ^^ Anyway,God bless...

wen said...

>>Lydia: Thanks!! You and your sayang Lukas too! =)

>>Alice: Thanks!! =)

siawlin said...

Awww. So sweet.

Be glad that you can celebrate each other's b'day. For >3 years, I have not celebrated Elisha's b'day and he has not celebrated mine too. Yikes. Huhu..

Anyways, continue to appreciate Matt and may God keep both of your hearts close to one another.

wen said...

>>Siaw Lin: Thanks.. *hugs* I look up to you and Elisha wei.. you guys trust God in so many things!! especially when you guys are so far apart..

You too continue to appreciate Elisha!! and i pray that you guys will continue to cling on to God in your relationship.. =)