Monday, November 30, 2009

Taiwan - 30th Nov 09

Today is quite relax, not much activity..Xp..
Roti canai alike with ham in it.. breakfast

Ham, egg, sausages.. breakfast

Food.. Lunch

Kaiwen eating hamburger

Steamboat for dinner

Yup, steamboat for dinner in night market

Yuan & drink
That's all!

Taiwan - 29th Nov 09

A day trip at Tainan(South of Taiwan)

The night before, Evon, Doudou & YuQi

Fried mi hun = fried rice noodle

went and watched black-faced spoonbills, what's black-faced spoonbills?

for more information, please read! Xp..

Yuan watching blac-faced spponbills

Aunt bbq-ing some kind of seafood, an oyster like stuff..

Yi Ming uncle, the uncle who we're staying with..



Yuan and oyster like stuff


some kinf of mini crab

Cute kaiwen!

Yuan, not posing

Yuan, preparing to pose

Yuan, posing!

Mummy, Evon & Yuqi at salt hill, a hill of salt, not sand.

Evon & Yuqi on boat

Another photo of cute kaiwen

Yuan on boat

Night market in Tainan

Mummy in HuaYuan night market in Tainan

HuaYuan night market
Tired yet nice trip.. =)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Taiwan - 28th Nov 09

Early morning wake up to cheer for the uncle we're staying with.. Well, yes.. 9.30am is early, now my waking up time is 11am.. Xp.. And it's just waking up, not getting up from bed.. Hahahaha.. So yup, we went and cheer for the uncle.. He joined a competition to swim 3000m in Love River.. Not really a competition, it's more like a challenge to yourself.. And he did it! 3000m.. o.O *clap clap clap...*

Love River

Look! The uncle!

Zoom in version

Yu Qi, the little girl

Yu Heng, the brother

After Love River, we went breakfast at the uncle who owns his own breakfast shop, they have yummy food here... yummy~~ We ate almost every food there..sandwich, hamburger, fried rice, noodles, drinks..

Kids & food
Yuan & Hamburger

Yuan & Sandwich

Yuan & Fried Rice with egg
After eating, we went to the nearby arcade. Played quite some time there. Was babysitting this little girl called, Doudou (english translate=bean bean) She's Miss Bean! Xp.. She's a very cute girl.. and she got her own facebook!! o.O

The cute little girl who owns a facebook account

About 4pm, we went to one aunt's house, well.. the roof top of her apartment to have BBQ session...I think it's call BBQ.. but not really looks like BBQ.. Well.. Whatever~ Xp.. So we have food, chat, and birthday cake too..

Yuan & BBQ

Doudou & Kaiwen

Qian Qian & Evon

Birthday cake

Uncle's 55th birthday

It's a relaxing day.. but tomorrow a one day trip again.. going to see some birds.. Time to sleep.. Have to wake at 7.30am tomorrow.. =S nights... zzz...

Taiwan - 27th Nov 09

Spaghetti & Night Market day
One of the aunt treated us yummy spaghetti at here.. a shop called "235", 235 is actually from the road number that the shop located..

Spaghetti & Salad

Stopped by in front of a shopping mall to take photos with fishes..

Mummy & a standing fish

Evon & Fish

Took the lrt here in KaoHsiung to one of the biggest night market in KaoHsiung

One of the night market lane in Rui Feng Night Market

Mum & bros in Night Market

Tomorrow.. Breakfast, LoveRiver, BBQ.. =)