Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random photos (2)

Photos again.. Cause i'm too lazy to do a wordy post.. Xp..

1. Matt & Evon

2. Jeremy & Zhong Xin, who decided to share a honeydew pearl milk bubble tea.. Xp..

3. Ah Soh and her full-of-weird-and-funny-tones phone..

4. ELS-ians in Jamuan Raya PPBL a.k.a free lunch!!

5. ELS-ians in Jamuan Raya PPBL a.k.a free lunch!!

6. Kai Wen & I

7. Ravern and his cute headphones!

8. Lastly.. the 'useless' boyfriend.. Xp..

Some quick updates..
-I'm one of the AJKs of MK. (MK=big event of my uni's CF, PERKEB, will do a proper post on this)
-I'm having one week study break.. But i have 2 MK meetings, 1 replacement class and 1 presentation in my study break.
-I'm going to have 6 exams after my study break.
-I'm going Taiwan from 21st Nov-8th Dec. (No souvenirs for people who didnt ask for it! Hence, ask.. Xp..)
-I'm going YA! Camp from 11th Dec-14th Dec. (Will do a proper post on this)

Tata for now.. =)


JTan said...

haha.. that picture was unnecessary... and the 'tak-malu' part of me wants a souvenir! :P

sweet_cherry said...

wah,u so bz during the holiday..den me mai no place 2 go during my break jor lohh since u nt in kl..sien..T.T btw,mayb i nid u 2 help me buy sumthing from taiwan..wil giv u the list soon..haha

SueAnn said...

heh...liddat i ma muka tebal and ask for souvenir also lorh horh? clone maaa :P

wen said...

>>Jeremy: that picture was priceless lar wei.. and dont worry.. got your name down.. Xp..

>>Leong: Can meet de lar.. we'll arrange a time.. fuyoh.. the list along with money wei.. Xp..

>>Ann: Clone wei.. sure got your name down dah.. =)

yAnKuchIki said...

Evon.....wanna souvenir...for my birhtday ;'-) hihihih~

Lisa ^^, said...

I KNOW you'd have gotten me a souvenir even if I didn't ask kan??? *winks* Thanks VonVon !!!! :)
Walao, AJK MK also? Will pray for you guys. All the best yo ! When's your first and last paper? How come 6 only le?

meliawong said...

haha.. im here to ask for my souvenirs.. haha..are u in hostel?? i think i saw ur car le..

wen said...

>>Yan: of course.. will give u a delay pressie then! =)

>>Lisa: Haha.. Yea, AJK MK again , thanks for praying!! Exam from 28th Nov-12th Dec.. & subjects but one of my major got no final exam.. Xp..

Yup, i'm in hostel with annie... =) we can have dinners together!!

mon said...

the "useless" boyfriend's sister speaks:

I would love the famous pinapple tart from taiwan. would also love any other nice food from taiwan...hehehe...thanks

from the useless boyfriend's sister :)

wen said...

>>the "useless" boyfriend's sister:
Haha.. yea.. would definetly buy those back here.. Xp..

Mattster said...

The useful boyfriend:

Please do not use my name in vain..

from: the useful boyfriend

wen said...

>>Matt: Xp.. *hugs*

Marcus said...

Fridge magnets and coasters for me please! :)

And a birthday present also la. Haha!

Matt's BIG (in every way) brother.

wen said...


Aduh.. =.=" fridge magnet and coaster will be your birthday present then.. HAHA...