Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love is a Verb

Remember the song "That's How You Know?" from the movie Enchanted?

"How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?"

Well does he leave a little note to tell you, you are on his mind?

Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey?

Well does he take you out dancin' just so he can hold you close?

Dedicate a song with words in just for you?

Wear your favorite color?

Rent a private picnic by the fires glow?

"That's how she knows that you love her
That's how you show her you love her"

Hence, Love is indeed a verb! (Well, in some other context they act as Noun, but i believe we don't want to get into that, do we? Xp..) That is love as in boyfriend-girlfriend love or perhaps husband-wife love.. There'r tons of different types of love out there..

However, do you know this Love?

"This is how God showed His love among us: He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an anoting sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. --- 1John 4:9-11"

God's love is a verb. Because He sent His one and only Son as an anoting sacrifice for our sins. How perfect is His love, that no other love can be as perfect as His. And we who experienced this perfect love, are ought to love one another in order for them to experience the same perfect love too.

Humbly present to the world..


Lisa ^^, said...

OMG !! I love this post !! So cute, so charming..and so meaningful :)

wen said...

>>Lisa: Somehow, but dunno how.. i know you'll love this.. Xp.. Hahaha.. Thanks for loving it!

SueAnn said...

so cuteeeee!! :D

wen said...

>>SueAnn: I know.. Like the artist who drew it.. Xp.. Well actually i was quite amazed it turned out well.. hehehe..

sweet_cherry said...

tis is the drawing i mention 2 u laz time lohh,i like ur drawing..cute n meaningful..

wen said...

>>Leong: oh.. Xp.. I see.. Xp.. Glad you like it.. =)

Alice said...

Great phrase:"Love is a Verb". ^^

wen said...

>>Alice: =) Thanks..

*cq* said...

good one! I love it too =) what is this malam kesempurnaan thing?

wen said...

>>Siqin: Of cos must love lar.. Xp.. Oh, it's an event that PERKEB(my uni's cf) organised annually.. =)

We have different Malam every year lar, last year was Malam Krismas, there were Malam Kesenian and Kebudayaan as well.. And this year we doing Malam Kesempurnaan Kasih..

You can click on the link at my blog, we have a blog for this event too.. =) So can have a look at it..

[ lllydia ] said...

i LOVE that song! :) *starts singing until it all gets dark and gloomy in already-gloomy london*

wen said...

>>Lydia: Hahaha... sing out loud as you wish.. Xp..