Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 hours in Starbucks

Annie & I went Starbucks today..

Ta-da! Starbucks coffee!

Annie's Dell and some chocolate thingy from Starbucks.

See how hardoworking she is! Don't believe? Scrool down...

Told ya! She is hardworking! And i erm.. Xp..

Hardworking too!! Look all sorts of highlighter to highlight notes man!!

to highlight notes from this donk-iest subject!! =.=" and all who agrees say "aye aye!"

*study study study...*


Mattster said...

chocolate chip frap! yum!! hehe..

wen said...

>>Matt: hahaha.. yea.. chocolate chip thing.. but i still think oreo smoothies in Delicioux far more yummy... Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

Aye aye !!! Stupiddddd subject >.<

wen said...

>>Lisa: Aye aye!! >.<

Annie Choong said...

haha...yeah...chocolate cream chip frap!