Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raya Break at Cameron

Let's start with a gorgeous photo of a rose.. =)

My family & I went Cameron for holiday during the raya break.. =) Enjoy the photos..

Boys at some tea plantation

Girls at some tea plantation

The family

Kai Wen & Daddy with cactus

Evon & flowers

Settlers.. Yes.. we played settlers..

The back of a guy who looks like Jarod Kuok from the way he dress and walk

1 Malaysia in Cameron

Matt!! the swing we once sat on is out of service!! Are we that heavy?? Xp..

Ah Yuan & the sign

Walking to Brinchang from Tanah Rata

The gang (minus me of course)

Strong Yuan on monkey bars!!

NEH!!! Xp...

The adults were saying all their taxes goes to this MDCH signs, which is a waste!

The siblings

Kai Wen at the balcony of our hotel room

Mrs Chew teaching us card game, a very kan cheong game!

Scones, pancakes, cakes at TCafe (soon to be known as The Lord's Cafe).. yummy...

Kai Wen and strawberry

Little Cameron Girl who arent afraid of the cold air eating strawberry ice-cream

The family outside the famous Smokehouse

The Chews


Kai Wen & I

Ah Yuan & I at Boh tea plantation
Parents (Daddy's eyes.. hahahaha..)
I find this very funny.. Kai Wen standing real straight while Ah Yuan trying to do the jump shot..

My handsome daddy.. so cool..

Mummy & I at Cameron Valley tea plantation

Kai Wen acting like the flower

Boys and flower

Stopped by Lata Iskandar when we're on the way down to Tapah..

Evon & Lata Iskandar

Kai Wen at the Kuala Woh stream, where my parents used to date..

Ah Yuan's butt and the bridge

Love this photo of mine.. hahahaha..

Cameron was nice.. going there with my family was just wonderful.. =)


sweet_cherry said...

wow, it is nice!! i wan to go cameron oso.. i wan strawberry!! =P

Annie Choong said...

haha...ur dad is still "boy" ??? I'm gonna laugh at him...haha!!!

wen said...

>>Leong: Yes.. it's a nice place to be at.. =)

>>Annie: Sometimes he is like a boy.. hahaha...

yAnKuchIki said...

I love Cameron...already go there like...more than 10 times already...pretty place...lots of it....hahaha~

wen said...

Yup yup yan!! =)

mon said...

hey can u email the picture of the broken swing to me as soon as possible...thanks

siawlin said...

hehe..looks like u all had good fun at Camerons. Nice pics btw. Post more pics in future!