Friday, September 11, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Fantastic 1
Activity: Lunch
Place: Delicious, MidValley

Second time eating at delicious, to view the first time of us eating at Delicious? Click this.. I think we're loving Delicious, hehe.. The food is really Delicious.. And i think the food will give us the reply that goes, "That's what they call us!!" Haha... Xp..

Delicious indeed!

Oreo Smoothies! I think they literally blend like tons of Oreo in it!!
*slurps & yummy*

All the way Down!

Ca-something spaghetti.. Contains of cheese, mushrooms, bacons...
*slurps & yummy*

We ate everything that we have to.. Xp..

Potato Salad.. again! they're just...
*slurps & yummy*

Empty bowl left only!

-0.01... Cool! we've got RM0.01 discount still! Xp..

Fantastic 2
Activity: Movie
Place: GSC, MidValley

Up! It's so cute.. so funny.. that all should watch!! Xp..


Fantastic 3
Activity: Taking a lift!
Place: The lift, MidValley

I don't know why but i just want to be in it and look out to the world outside.. Matt was definitely =.=".. Poor him.. Xp..

A view of the outside from the inside, in lift..

Fantastic 4
Activity: Ice Cream
Place: MidValley

We bought Ice Cream! *jump jump jump around...* hehe.. from Baskin Robbin!! I chose Superfudge or Su-something.. Matt chose Chocolate mint as usual.. And i think the waiter asked us if we wants any toppings or syrup through rapping through the choices that they offers.. don't really get it.. hahahaha.. Anyway we choose M&M as toppings..

don't quite get the 'we dip, you drip' catch line..
who cares..
it's the ice cream that matters!!

Baskin Robbins!

*slrups & yummy*

Fantastic 5
Activity: Go hyper!
Place: Gardens, Car

I think i go hyper.. Matt assured me I am.. hahahahaha... Xp..

Sesame Street! I asked Matt to take picture with it, "don't want.." Then, I asked him to take picture of me with it, "don't so sia sui lar.." =.="
So it's only Sesame Street & It..

Two goes like this.. ta-da!

In lift

Random hyper photos.. Xp..

Lastly, God smiles to us through sunshine! =)

What a fantastic friday! =)

despite the fact that Matt took 3hours or perhaps more, just to get back home from UKM.. So so sorry darling... *hugs* =(


sweet_cherry said...

i think nxt time i wana go delicious,since u promote it so much..btw,nxt time ask me along if u wana take picha wif sesame street..hehe

wen said...

>>Leong: hahaha.. should go lor.. the food is yummy!! Xp.. and okay.. will surely go 'sia sui' ourselves.. Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

YO. The food looks so darn GOOOOD.
You're EVIL tempting people like this !!! >.<

wen said...

>>Lisa: hahahahaha.. that's what people call me.. Evil Evon.. Xp.. But food was real yummy!! Go try!!

mon said...

hey next time i come back we go delicious k....i also wanna taste the delicious food u tasted....

wen said...

sure thing Mon!! Xp.. make that happen in raya break! Xp..

Annie Choong said...

evon!!!!!!!! i finally made myself and kent lim to try to delicious!!! really not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the environment there!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!!

wen said...

Nice lerh!! Hahaha.. Godd for both of you!! =)

carol marol said...

i got a picture with the sesame street cookie monster!!! hehee