Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Where should i start? hmmm...

On a Thursday in April, the month where we had Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday, Annettee came to PERKEB and spoke.. It was very 'Wow'.. I can even remember she was talking about cupbearer..

"So this is Annette", I thought to myself, "And i'm surely not going to miss APOFASI camp that she's going to speak in CG camp then!"

Malang tidak berbau.. Daddy came with the news that the Taiwanese that i stayed with during my Form6 holidays are coming down to Malaysia, again! and it clashes with CG camp.. =(

I don't have a choice to choose, i have to stay and can't go camp..

I was telling Siqin that i reeaally wanna go for camp.. badly! =( She said with full enthusiasm: "Prayed about it, tell God that you really wanna go. And He will work it out" (not in her exact words, but about there lar.. Xp..)

I did pray.. Must admit that i didnt pray a lot about it.. So i kinda prepared myself that i will just miss the camp again... =(

Malang tidaklah berbau lagi, in fact.. no more malang dah.. The Taiwanese couldn't make it for come down this year.. (yippie!!) And the news was only confirmed a week or two before CG camp.. And so i signed up! with my own money from bank.. =.="

So.. What's up with APOFASI? Or what IS Apofasi?


What we go through in the camp?
1. Answering The Call---Moses
2. Saying No to Defilement---Daniel
3. Caving into Public Opinion---Pilate
4. Fighting for Brotherhood---2 and a half tribes of Israel in the book of Joshua
5. Going for God's Glory---Nehemiah

I was truly blessed & inspired in this camp... It taught me a lot.. still teaching me and will teach me in times to come too.. Thank God for this!!

So happened.. Just today, as i was helping my friend on her questionnaire, one question in the questionnaire struck me a lot. I thought and thought for moments then wrote down my answer for it..

The question goes something like this:
"Where would you prefer to work? Near home? City? Rural area? And why?"

I have 2 answers on this..

Near home. Because i want to be close with my family, boyfriend, friends, church... We just love being in our comfort zone, don't we?

Rural area. Because it is there where needs professionals, where I can use whatever skills or professions that i have to bless others. And being heard from others' testimonies and experiences, i realised that they had make an impact on others's life by working at rural areas.

In line with the question above.. I got a message from Gee, saying that she's leaving to Sabah tomorrow night 7.30pm from LCCT for her posting from government as pharmacist.. My first reacation was.. "o.O what?! so soon?!" I believe that was most of our reaction.. She just found out she got posted at Sabah on last Friday during camp, and now she got to leave so soon, and start working next Monday! o.O Sigh... [To GeeGee: I'm so gonna miss you Gee!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugssss*]

Back to the questionnaire.. I put down the answer rural area. My reason was, because i feels there's enough professionals in city area than rural area. Therefore, i would prefer to go rural areas to bless the people there with whatever i've got.. On the other hand.. i wouldnt want to leave for rural areas.. I don't want to be far with my family, with my boyfriend and everything that i'm comfortable with!

Well, i still have time to think for now.. really think about it.. and pray about it.. I know working life is still far from now.. but time do flies! flies madly!! So.. no harm thinking and praying about it now..

Apofasi: For Better, For Worse..

But best of all, i know that i'm not alone in this.. =)


BenZ said...

lol yes how can i, after reading, not leave a comment to assure u that u're not alone in this?!

wen said...


Aiyo Ben ben.. how many thousand blogs do you have lar?! =.="