Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A weekend with family

After 2 months and 3 weeks, mummy finally came back home.. *YAY!*

she spend quite some Aus on Chocs and chocs..

We went back to hometown, both mummy and daddy's hometown..

1st stop-Teluk Intan
Teluk Intan is a small place, where mummy and I were born. It's also the land that owns the best-est chee cheong fun! Xp..

We went back for grandma's birthday. It's good for to be back in time for dinner with the rest of mummy's family. Good time of meeting up again.

grandma blowing candles

mummy and her mummy

Some funny stuff happened when we were at Teluk Intan. hehehe..

When one of my aunt wanna put candles on the birthday cake.. She turned and ask my mum and her sister, "Eh, how old is mother eh?" Both the sister were like.. "77ar? 76 lar..." I was like... =.=" Two of them is the daughther, and another one who asked was the daughter-in-law who usually organise grandma's birthday event..

Our family went to the new Giant that was in Teluk Intan. Surprisingly, i bought two pair of "doll shoe" there, I mean.. KL people go all the way there buy? =.=" But anyway, i am a very picky and choosy kind of people, so it's not easy for me to shop..

While daddy is trying nike shoe in one of the store.. Both my brothers, Ah Yuan & Kai Wen was fighting over an ice cream. Just imagin k? They both were standing.. Ah Yuan holding the ice cream at his right hand, Kai Wen holding Ah Yuan's right hand.. And they go like this...

Kai Wen: "gei wo.. gei wo.." (give me.. give me..)
Ah Yuan: "bu ke yi, ni sheng bing lerh.." (cannot, you're sick lerh..)

*Now Kai Wen pull Ah Yuan's hand to him, and Ah Yuan pull back his hand to his side.. Take note that the hand was holding an ice cream*

Kai Wen: "gei wo.. gei wo.." (give me.. give me..)

Ah Yuan: "fang shou.. fang shou.." (let go you hand.. let go your hand..)


What happened? Kai Wen let go Ah Yuan's hand while Ah Yuan pulling his hand over to him.. Hence, the ice cream smashed on Ah Yuan's spec.. HAHAHA!!

Just thought it was so hillarious.. If you're not laughing.. fine.. whatever~(in Matt's favourite tone.. Xp..)

2nd stop-Kuala Selangor
Kuala Selangor, to be specific, Pasir Penambang, is a even smaller place, where daddy was born. It's also the land that have seafood and keropok udang! Xp..

We stopped by there for late lunch when we were on our way back to KL.

Went to mummy's sister place, to have lunch and rest.

What happened here? =.="

We, as in mummy, aunt and myself were talking about those girlfriend and boyfriend that my cousins(who were younger than me) brought to grandma's birthday dinner.

Aunt: Why you didnt bring your boyfriend der?
Me: No lar...

Aunt: Is he stuyding?
Me: No lar...

Aunt: Then? Working ar?

Me: No lar...

Aunt: What 'no lar...'. I know already.. Matthew ma right?

Me: *gasp while pretend to be calm*

Aunt: *turned to my mummy* What is he doing lar?

Mummy: Studying lar.. In UM..

Me: *silenece*

Sigh... It's woman nature to be kepoh lar.. I might turn to be that one day, or am i now? hahahaha.. So.. Shh to me.. Xp..

Also visited daddy's brother, which is my uncle.. Play around with cousin's daughter.. my cute little nieces.. Xp..
Evon & Rui Qing

blur yet cute photo of Rui En

blur at the eye part of Rui En

So yup, that should be all about my weekend with my family..

Ya, no weekend with boyfriend nowadays.. =( (I'm just saying, not complaining tho Matt! Xp..)



Mattster said...

*whatever* (In my favourite tone.. =p)

wen said...

*smack head..* =.="

HY said...

sorry 2b lamp post but i just had to ask... how come no tim tams?
(or at least i din see it in the pic)


wen said...

Tim Tams?? ya oh.. hmmm