Thursday, August 20, 2009


I saw a mother breast-feeding her child in KTM.
-the KTM was so packed, and quite a number of man watching her.

I saw parents who did nothing when their kid are biting slippers.
-yucks... dirty and full of germs lerh!

I sent alicia off and now she's in Carnegie Mellon University.
-alicia! you're in my blog! well.. your name.. Xp.. *hugs*

I was fully entertained by Joel & Joshua.
-it was so funny! hahaha...

I learned a lesson and it's now my experience.

I noted down a few important things about convo.
-No thin high heels if possible, cause you'll sink into the soft soil of UKM.
-No skirt if possible, cause you'll get lambung and your skirt might fly up and entertained the guys.

-No eating full full if possible, cause you'll get lambung and vomit after kena lambung.

-No cheapo make up on face if possible, cause it'll be so hot and cheapo make up will melt down and make you look even uglier.

I heard tons of rumour about closing down UKM due to H1N1..
-rumours spread because everyone wants to confirm if it's a rumour or 'true-mor'.

I received the message below from my little brother, Kai Wen.
-"Hey, today morning our house got fire, then the Ali Bomba come and rescue us. Is not our house la, is the motor Hing up there, wah liao so big the fire, even the smoke also big. Then the Ali Bomba cut the wire, cause the engine touch the wire, that why got fire. then after all this, baba send me to Mrs Chew house and rest and play games like Wii. Thats all I want to tell u. =)"

I thank God for protecting daddy, ah Yuan, Kai Wen and our home from the fire.
-really thankful...

I am desperately in need of Microsoft Office to be in my laptop.

I am waiting for mummy to come back home tonight! =)
-she's currently on a plane flying back home..

I shall blog more often and not get a Twitter..


sweet_cherry said...

wei,ur lil bro reali cute lahh..
tel him i mis him alot..

Mattster said...

haha.. kai wen so funny.. ali bomba.. hahaha.. xD

wen said...

Hehe.. well tell him that.. =)

As usual lar Matt.. Xp..

Lisa ^^, said...

I saw #1 on your list too !! XD Pengsannnn

And your bro is cute :)

wen said...

haha... yea.. i was like so =.=" Xp..