Friday, July 10, 2009


Visited Pusat Kesihatan(PK), UKM..

2023 is my number, and i waited since number 2016.. Waited an hour for just 7 patient.. =.="

My 1st time in PK, was the 3rd week of 1st semester, 1st year..

2nd time in PK, 1st week of 1st semester, 2nd year..

Am i getting weaker? hahaha...

Took medicine, feeling much better.. but bluek to the dry cough medicine.. Cause it's not in pill form, still i need to sip and swallow slowly, preferably taken without dilution somemore! =.=" But hey.. preferably.. So.. i took two sips of water still.. Xp..

Sedilix DM linctus

Panadol 650mg caplets

Lozenges pharynx

Don't like being sick.. Hmmm.. Who likes that anway? Xp..

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