Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our updates

I'm feeling much better.. But still consider sick..

I'm coughing to 'death'.. when is this cough gonna end?!

If i continue coughing non stop, i'll probably hurt my throat..

If i hurt my throat, i'll probably have sore throat..

If i have sore throat, i'll probably have fever..

If i have fever, i'll probably repeating the same 'sick-schedule' again!!


Away from me you evil cough!!!


Matt went off to Korea on 14th July 2245hour.

Some of you might know, he joined the Dithyrambic Singers, and they are invited to perform at Jeju International Choir Festival, South Korea.

Yup, he reached Seoul safely and later at Jeju island too. =)

Will be back home on 21st July, reaching 1020hours.


Do keep me in prayers that i'll recover fully and for Matt's safety and health too as he travels.

Au Revoir.. =)

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