Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Delicious indeed!

Bout 2hours after lunch, we lepak lepak and...

Matt: Oh let's eat cake!

Evon: Ooo~ Secret recipe! okay..

*on the way down on escalator*

Evon: Eh? that day the one you said very nice der.. What's it call again?

Matt: Huh? Which one?

Evon: There, the one ar.....

Matt: Ooo~~ Delicious.. okok.. Let's go there..

Therefore, we ended up having tea at Delicious Cafe in MidValley..

And let's let the photo do the talking and tempting.. Xp..

delicious cafe

Classic Chocolate Cake--Brownies+Chocolate syrup+Vanilla Ice Cream

Evon & Classsic Chocolate Cake

Potato Salad

After one bite of Potato Salad..

So what you waiting for??? They have everything delicious in Delicious..

No, they didn't pay me to help them promote.. It's just delicious... =)


Lisa ^^, said...

Matt's face!!! *giggles*

wen said...

hahahaha.. very funny right? Xp... hehehe..

yAnKuchIki said...

it's all bout food n food n food...

wen said...

jealous ka yan? Xp..

yAnKuchIki said...

no lah...nothing else ma~ talk bout life ke..hehe...