Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our updates

I'm feeling much better.. But still consider sick..

I'm coughing to 'death'.. when is this cough gonna end?!

If i continue coughing non stop, i'll probably hurt my throat..

If i hurt my throat, i'll probably have sore throat..

If i have sore throat, i'll probably have fever..

If i have fever, i'll probably repeating the same 'sick-schedule' again!!


Away from me you evil cough!!!


Matt went off to Korea on 14th July 2245hour.

Some of you might know, he joined the Dithyrambic Singers, and they are invited to perform at Jeju International Choir Festival, South Korea.

Yup, he reached Seoul safely and later at Jeju island too. =)

Will be back home on 21st July, reaching 1020hours.


Do keep me in prayers that i'll recover fully and for Matt's safety and health too as he travels.

Au Revoir.. =)

Friday, July 10, 2009


Visited Pusat Kesihatan(PK), UKM..

2023 is my number, and i waited since number 2016.. Waited an hour for just 7 patient.. =.="

My 1st time in PK, was the 3rd week of 1st semester, 1st year..

2nd time in PK, 1st week of 1st semester, 2nd year..

Am i getting weaker? hahaha...

Took medicine, feeling much better.. but bluek to the dry cough medicine.. Cause it's not in pill form, still i need to sip and swallow slowly, preferably taken without dilution somemore! =.=" But hey.. preferably.. So.. i took two sips of water still.. Xp..

Sedilix DM linctus

Panadol 650mg caplets

Lozenges pharynx

Don't like being sick.. Hmmm.. Who likes that anway? Xp..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Delicious indeed!

Bout 2hours after lunch, we lepak lepak and...

Matt: Oh let's eat cake!

Evon: Ooo~ Secret recipe! okay..

*on the way down on escalator*

Evon: Eh? that day the one you said very nice der.. What's it call again?

Matt: Huh? Which one?

Evon: There, the one ar.....

Matt: Ooo~~ Delicious.. okok.. Let's go there..

Therefore, we ended up having tea at Delicious Cafe in MidValley..

And let's let the photo do the talking and tempting.. Xp..

delicious cafe

Classic Chocolate Cake--Brownies+Chocolate syrup+Vanilla Ice Cream

Evon & Classsic Chocolate Cake

Potato Salad

After one bite of Potato Salad..

So what you waiting for??? They have everything delicious in Delicious..

No, they didn't pay me to help them promote.. It's just delicious... =)

Back to Uni

B2-215 is our new room, our meaning Annie and I. Nice room, with nice carpet which was abondoned by the past owner of this room and with nice green view which is good for our eye.

Had a hard time cleaning and cleaning and cleaning the room.

One bad thing was we dont have internet connection! (stupid jaring!) So previously have to go all the way up to Melia & Yoke Luan's room which is at B1-302.. Imagine the amount of staircase man! @.@ But they have a big room! Will take photo and show on here or Facebook one day.. Thank God now jaring repent and come back to our room.. Xp..

Being senior
Time do flies somehow.. =.=" Joined some parts of the SOLL's (School of Language & Linguistics) orientation. Lepak with coursemates and also with some juniors. It brings back memories as we joined their orientation, nice memories of course. There's this junior from English Literature called Yvonne, and i accidentally called her 'Y-Von'.. =.="

It's a total chaos.. This X lecture clashes with that B tutorial, then this A tutorial clashes with that Y lecture.. @.@ Really seek for prayers that indeed i'l get what i wanted to study and all the schedule will indeed go well somehow or another.. God, pretty pleaseeee....

Annie and her purple Kancil, Yoke Luan and her green Wira, Evon and her red Kenari.. This just mean... More going out for food, good food.. Xp.. So far we havent been to cafe for dinner! hahaha.. Had McD, Chinese food and Pan Mee! Xp..

Out from Uni
I actually just came back from MidValley.. Went out with Annie, Ah Sek.. And we all wore purple.. Purple is a mixture of Red and Blue! Xp..

Was out to just bring Annie's friend and Annie's friend's friend out to explore MidValley.. Ya, complicated and weird gang.. Not that bad, after all we met up with Matt and got a free ride home from him! That's the my man.. hahaha... Oh one very important note, say no to Kim Gary at MidValley, because their services sucks! Ya, like super duper sucks! *bluek*

Am looking forward to PERKEB, my only activity tomorrow... =)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A thought in the dark

“And they live happily ever after…”

Never you’ve heard, “And he/she live happily ever after…”


Because we are humans, and humans don’t live alone, we live together.

Therefore, as we live together, we have to build relationship with each other.

Family-ship, Couple-ship, Friend-ship, Colleague-ship, and the list of –ships go on.

We don’t need to list down all the –ships, because that’s not the focus of this post.

The focus of this post is… What is the most important thing in all these –ships?

Let’s brain storm a little:

Love-I love you, and you love me.

Money-When he’s rich, he’s my friend.

Trust-I trust that she won’t flirt around even she’s studying abroad.

Sex-You don’t count yourself as couple if there’s no sex going on.

Honesty-She’ll tell me everything, regardless of big or small matters.

Pride-That’s my good friend over there, do you know he’s the CEO of that company?

Faith-As long as we’re in the same faith, same belief, nothing will possibly go wrong.

Responsibilty-I need to and have to do all this, I’ve left no choice.

So, what’s the most important thing in all your –ships?

That you can say…

“And we live happily ever after… =) ”